Tips/Advise For These Matchups

New to SFIV and been having some problems in some match ups. I’m hoping someone might give me some advise or tips I could use. This is as Cody of course.

Dhalsim: Should I be trying to counter his punches/kicks? If so I’m having trouble figuring out what to use.

Ryu/Ken/Akuma: Getting around their hadokens is proving frustrating. I know zonk goes through them, but I can’t get in close enough to hit them with it.

Dudley: Pokes me to death with punches.

Ibuki/Cammy/Yun/Yang: Keep me locked down with ducking kicks comboed into stuff. Also Ibuki keeps busting through my ducking block, does she have some attack that can do that or am I just not blocking correctly?

Better to show you how to in trainning live i think.
Did you play eu us? xbox pc?

U.S. on PC