Timstuff's art dump

Ok, so I guess that this is my thread for placing all my pictures that I think someone might like to take a moment out of their day to look at (even if that is truer in concept than practice), so I figured I’d start by posting a control stick image design that I made, since I’m planning to make custom arcade sticks for my two brothers as birthday gifts, and I just finished the design for one of them. Since there’s about a 1% chance that my brother is browsing this board, I’m not terribly worried about the surprise being spoiled.

First, a bit of background-- my older brother is a HUGE fan of the Scott Pilgrim comic series, and he also loves Street Fighter. So I figured, why not combine the two for a wonderful mish-mash of video-game / comic-book goodness? I wanted to stay faithful to the comic character design (although that’s tricky, since it’s gone through some changes over time), but I also wanted to incorporate some of the style seen in Udon’s Street Fighter art, since this is a Street Fighter themed Scott Pilgrim image. I also stuck the Japanese Kanjis “Su Kou To” (Scott) and “Pilgrim” in the corner. My calligraphy skills probably look comparable to those of a 6 year old to someone fluent in Japanese, but hopefully it looks decent to the untrained eye. The overall idea was that this would be sort of a parody of the images that are frequently found on custom fighting sticks. It took about 5 hours to make in Photoshop.


Here’s a picture of Scott Pilgrim from the comics, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the series (if that’s you, then check it out, it’s awesome!).


The CPO for my younger brother’s stick will probably feature Nightmare and Siegfried from Soul Calibur since they’re two of his favorite characters, but I haven’t really set anything in stone just yet.

I never heard of this Scott Pilgrim, but this is a nice piece of work for your brother.

I might have to check this comic out. Reminds me of One Piece [Luffy] and Puffy Amiyumi [that chick].

Thanks for your comments. You should definitely check out the Scott Pilgrim comics. If you like old video games, it’s full of in-jokes that give people like me the giggles (the comic’s art style was actually heavily influenced by River City Ranson, interestingly enough).

BTW, here is the CPO that I just finished for my other brother’s stick. This was a much bigger job since I was going for a less flat and cartoony look. I started on it some time yesterday and finished it today about an hour ago. As with the Scott Pilgrim painting, I started with a pencil sketch, scanned into photoshop and went from there. I’d estimate the whole thing took somewhere between 6 and 10 hours of work.


I dig the style of shading on the spiderman. Very nice (^^)b