Timing question

What is the timing of SRK into HP for sakura?

right after the dash, and the dash is peformed as fast as possible after you press focus

you want too look for 3 hits on the hp.shouoken and 5+3 on the ex.shouoken fadc and pref plink out the st.hp asap

Slow down with the HP. If it’s not coming out, you’re hitting it too fast. I almost always hit the buttons too fast so slowing down helps me.

The timing for non-frame specific links like these are extremely hard to describe with numbers, best is to go practice yourself… Watch people do it, and try to memorize that timing, like chaoslimit said, if no hp is happening, you’re obviously doing it too early.

A general way for you to learn any timing for links is to do it slow where it’ll get blocked. This way you establish that it wasn’t done too early, and gradually reduce the timing on the link until you get it right.

Is it just me, or is Sakura’s FADCs harder to do than other characters?

Haha, I’m sure it really isn’t. But I will admit, I had a bitch of a time getting her FADCs from Shoryu’s. I just use it to try and mix up my ground game lol.