Timing issue

This usually messes me up during actual matches but…

What is the timing on some of cammy’s new combos like

lp x lk x cr.mk

and lp x lp x St.hp

or even lk x lp x mp

Please ask these types of Qs in the Q&A thread.

st.lp st.lk cr.mk is not a (reliable) combo since far lk will only combo to cr.mk if it hits meaty.

For lp lp to st.hp and for cr.lk cr.lp cr.mp, the timing for cr.lp to the next attack will change depending on when you actually press cr.lp. Try to delay the cr.lp almost as late as possible, so that your rhythym for cr.lp cr.mp doesn’t have to be broken / delayed. Because if you rattle off cr.lk cr.lp right away, there is a larger and more awkward delay between cr.lp and cr.mp than if you pace out the cr.lk cr.lp into cr.mp.

I apologize for posting in the wrong area and thank you for your response.