Timing help

I’m lost in the timing of his B&B combo:


Right between the LP and the MK I can’t combo all the time. I can’t figure out the timing. Anyone have any insight on how to determine this and the best way to test it? I’ve been working in training mode for the past hour and can’t get a consistant combo out using that combo set. Any help would be appreciated

It’s a 2 frame link. Keep practicing. You can try c.LK, d.MK too. The frame advantage is the same, so it’s also a 2 frame link, but c.LK lasts just slightly longer…

Try double tapping the MK button too if you know what that is.

Are you sure?
That seems awful tight timing, it seems much easier.

Like with all links, multitapping helps a LOT! but it can be done without it too. Try slowing down lk -> lp so the pause between lp and mk doesn’t seem so awkwardly slow.

i heard c.lk, c.lp, c.mk xx hardedge only works if you use the fierce version of hardedge.

should you just use the jab version for block stun rather than risking messing up the timing on linking c.mk xx hardedge(fierce)? since if you fuck up, and they block it, it’s your ass.

6 minus 4… hmm… nope, I’m not sure. Crazy numbers playing tricks with my head all the time you know? :smiley:

yes I understand the aftermath is I miss or they block. It’s just that timing in between lp and mk that I lose. Even to get the 3 hits in to push someone away from me is fine as well. But with it breaking, I get poked out of it.

Personally I find it easier to link a mk off of the jab rather than lk, but I don’t really know why.

Anyway, not to derail, but what does “multitapping” mean in reference to links?

Just tap the button twice real fast, so the chances of missing are lessened. Use two different fingers and stroke the button with each finger real fast. That’s how I do it. You still need some sence of timing, but it’s easier.