Time to replace Mame32k .64 with Mame32k.90

What up people, heres some good news to the people who arent lazy enough to update mame. This is the new version of mame that works great. http://www.anti3d.com/dl/MAME32k090.zip

It has some bugs still because it wont recognize the old neogeo rom sets. You will either need to download the new rom sets or just rename the old romsets using ClrMamePro. But the good news is that, it supports every new KOF game that has come out including KOF 2003 and kof2k4 hack. IF you guys want to download all the new roms, go here http://www.kaillera.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4296 and download the pack of roms that Moosehead will post up soon.

the new romsets are pretty shitty… .64 still seems like itll be better, but whatever…

kof2k4 is a hack, you hack.

dont replace, the chat is fucked in .90 but the video is good and stuff but i dont think this is as good as .64 for netplay

how do you change your button configs in 0.90? Tab doesn’t work.

RICARDO! I didnt know you come here, Sadly I wont be playing on kaillera anymore, Since im on 56k and all…

After using Mame.90 for a few games, I think that mame.64 is still better. I like the .90 because it runs pretty smooth and has very little lag and because it has more roms including kof 2k3 and games that werent in .64 but I seem to find alot of bugs in it. Yes, the chat needs to be fixed, the romsets are screwed for neogeo games but we have to update the roms anyways. I guess this mame still needs work. Hopefully Darknatas can fix these problems in mame32k.91, thats if he decides to make another version. If he fixes these little bugs, then its a sure bet that it will replace the already outdated .64.

Heres the pack I was talking about that has all the new NeoGeo rom sets and it even has alot of the hard to find roms like Tekken 3 and Street Fighter EX2. The only bad part is that its a really big file.

Link removed due to roms.

After trying .90 it was going good,netplay was running smooth. But then i went back to .64 and in the waiting games screen all it says is not working right now :)… WTF. Did running .90 had anything to do with this because i’ve tried .90 again and it sure loads waiting games, but still not in .64

I know why that happened, When you installed the mame.90, it installed the old kaillera client and not the new one, or vice versa, I dont remember exactly if the old version had the waiting games list working, hehe. You will either have to replace the kaillera client that came with mame.90 with the one that came with .64 or you can just redownload it from here.

If that one doesnt work, then try this one http://www.nullsoft.com/free/kaillera/kaillera-0.9-sdk.zip

When it can fully support SNK games, then I will re-d/l it. When I tried it, I had a lot of trouble with the SNK games. Some would work, but not show up as availible, and others wouldn’t work at all.

thanks it works now. :china:

Just so you guys know, The pack that includes all the neogeo games and a few others works. I can get KOF94 - 2k3 to work. The KOF2004 that came with the pack is actually a hack of Kof2k2 but with different levels and a few extra characters. If you guys are willing to download the 1GB :wow: torrent file, then you get all the games working. I just let the file download all night for 2 days and I have all these rare roms.

those 3d games run pretty crappy

Mentioning the rom pack is all well and good, but do not link it again.

extra characters in that 2k4 hack? Like who?

.64 runs smoother then .90 on my system, less of a memory hog.

Why do I see all these people using this thing?

Why don’t people use Kawaks which is faster?

Because that piece of shit desyncs 99.9% of the time, Boo hoo.

That aint true, Kawaks is a great emulator. Its true that it runs way smoother than mame. The only reason people use mame is because it supports more games and because it supports 3p buttons and autofire. Kawaks only desynchs when u use different versions of the emulator.

Yeah, of course you cannot play kof98 on kawaks = 100% desync, but in general I think that kawaks owns mame everyday.

By NOT supporting a real classic as kof 98 AND desynch like hell, kawaks doesnt own shit, thats nonsense.