Time to learn a top tier

Im usually stuck with falling in love with grapplers, and normally, they fall in the lower tiers.
Except V Gief in a3, but Im no good with him.
Anyways, I figured time to take up a new top tier guy because all this usage of grapplers in the last few years has kill my skills for quick imput commands. Instead of reflex 360s.

Any give me some pointers?
Im about to go through all the threads.
Mine only prob so far is whats the deal with linking the 5 cr. rh?
I know only works on certain chars, but I never seem to get it.
Its not an OTG, right? I have to nab em right before landing?

Most people agree that Dudley is second tier. He’s still a very good character though.

If you read all the Dudley threads, I’m sure that will get you started.

As for cr. rh X 5, it only works on certain characters. It’s easiest on Chun-Li and Q, so practice on them at first. Practice it for like 10 minutes and you’ll get it.

Mid tier eh?
Well all the vids ive been coming across has him doing some pretty good damage with not alot of effort.
Ive just gotten so sloppy over the years from the constant Zangief playing. hehe
I plan on trying a standing gigas later on a psx1 pad.

2nd tier isn’t mid tier.

all the people above him land the same damage with even less effort.

How bad am I if I just cant seem to get his f. rh into a s.a. 1 or 3?
It just doesnt want to pop out.

it’s not the easiest of links.

just make sure to do it late, the move has deceptively long recovery.

Dudley is top tier stylin

To get the c.rh x 5 I kinda do it like this:

keep doing that

I got the 5x rh no problem now.
I must not have been paying attention the first time I gave a shot.
But no problem, landed the 6th, or Dashing Upper, etc.