Time Machine Invented...?

Large Hadron Collider could be world’s first time machine

It can apparently avoid paradoxes too


But can it erase 8 years of Dub[yah] [Mis]step?

As I see it.

is it possible to transfer matter? breaking down molecules and reanimating them anatomically in another place?

we can transport objects from one are to another, now the question is can that object be transferred via manners of teleportation

I believe once we figured out teleportation then we can figure out time travel

Time Travel is just some man made concept, until we achieve it then it becomes a reality

or just grab a chaos emerald

from the article:

Yay! If it succeeds, then a couple of guys have a theory that particles should time travel (why don’t they know for sure what their own theory predicts?). I don’t think any newspaper has ever published an article that so clearly clinches the existence of time travel.

We’ll see who’s laughing when I travel back in time to hit on Jesus

I’m not trying to freak you out but I just looked at my Bible and there are now 13 apostles.

maybe this is just a theory but lets say we are successful in accurate time travel, would this not affect the future? if we went into the past would that not make it a whole different timeline? you would still exist in that past but would change the past of that timeline and not your own. There are many loopholes in the time travel theory altogether, who could dictate as to who can use the time travel machine in general? say you went into the past to prevent a tragedy (you cannot prevent a natural disaster) such as the Japan tsunami and earthquake to warn people about it, who would believe you, would anyone take what you say to heart? you could bring evidence like an article or something but again you would change that timeline’s history.

Unless they make this time travel happen in a phone booth, I don’t care.

Yes, scientists can currently do that with light. Apparently the dilemma with doing it with humans is that the human being teleported will have to die in order to appear somewhere else, which is apparently unethically.

We should not fuck with this. We send one message and woop, street fighter and SRK don’t exist, half the people here don’t exist, and Hitler won WWII

In the words of a marvel player “Let it(us) develop”

We should not fuck with this. We send one message and woop, street fighter and SRK don’t exist, half the people here don’t exist, and Hitler won WWII

In the words of a marvel player “Let it(us) develop”

Yes, but would it be the same human, upon re-materialising?

That is what interests me.

I could deal with a momentary death, if I could be guaranteed the actual me would be Dark Phoenixed into the time-period of my choice.

Because with A priori knowledge of the future, I’d be running bank.

As I see it.

Even if we send messages in the future or in the pasr or whatever, our EXPERIENCE will most likely not change. WHY? It’s not like we’ll notice or remember OH SHIT Jwong did the cable comeback, but now it says $|-|U(V)AYeL does the come back… it’ll just feel like it was a continuous experience. Matter of fact if the time machine exists… it is HIGHLY LIKELY it happening right now, but I doubt it will succeed.

P.S. Why do we care so much to fuck w/ shit? lol, lets just be monkeys and enjoy the limited time we have on here. FUCKING WITH EXISTENCE AND TIME… lol, interesting atleast.

what if time travel is the very thing that makes us who we are? that there’s so much alteration on a molecular level that we don’t realise that complex life (earth life) itself is the very product of fifth dimensional interferences? also we could possibly find out the thing that is causing fifth dimensional interferences is being driven by sixth dimensional inteferences

think about it :wonder:

Oh please let this turn into a discussion of infinite parallel universe. I welcome the idea that in a parallel universe, I’m a black stripper clown who fixes dirtbikes for a living.

The arrow of time, based on the laws of thermodynamics is supposed to be evidence that time moves ever-forward. But if parallel dimensions are real, their flow of time might be forward and exactly like ours in occurrences, but in a direction opposite of ours. This means if a particle in a superposition state, it might be experiencing multiple flows in time in many dimensions.

Bah, theories like time travel have far too many possibilities to relegate to one truth.

This is a neat discovery if they’re just going to send messages instead of people.

One thing to think about, have we received messages from the future? If we send messages to our past then that means that our future has sent messages to us at one point.

  1. start that discussion
  2. I thought you WERE a black stripper clown…

If this works, wouldn’t we send a message back from the future to ourselves now saying “hey, it works!”

Timey Wimey, Wibbly Wobbly?

You mispelled “Police Box”