Time Flip Super

im semi-new to marvel, curious about the time flip…

are there any uses for this super besides character swapping that i dont know about?

curious if someone knows any linkers into this move that can be used in competitive play.

edit- NeoBlanka posted this combo into the time flip in another topic

Jump in HK.,dashing FP., fire once, cancelled into the Time Flip super…then after the time flip ends, throw out a flash grenade…

and do whatever the hell comes natural. It’s a free combo…and it should be death for anyone you catch with it. Plus…NOBODY wants to be hit by the Time Flip…

well if time flip hits and u have more supers. time the grenade so it traps them, and when ur shadow ends, AHVB.

if not just dash up and do a fancy air combo when it ends :bgrin:.

c.hk xx Time Flips works if your opponent doesn’t roll.

You can DHC it from commando storm.

commando launches them, super hits a few times, DHC into cable and they should Dead body right on top of it. Combo the last hit into an AHVB.

Tron’s Lunch Rush in corner can be DHCd cleanly into Time Flip. Very nice way to switch back to Cable. Early DHC (DHC to Cable before more than 12 Kobuns come out) and you can even hit them cleanly on the way down, sometimes with all the Kobuns disappearing entirely. But for damage reasons you want to DHC later and then reconnect to AHVB using grenade.

DHC to whiffing far Time Flip is a good way to die, though. I see people die that way pretty often.

if you have the chance to connect time flip than you might as well do air hyper viper, more damage and more practical.

AHVB makes time flip even more worthless when not DHCed into…

EDIT: Hee.

Do and an air combo with sent ending with frying pan, as they’re flying down, air super, DHC into command storm, DHC into time flip.

i believe u can do a sweep into time flip into Cable’s command grab (c. fk -> Time flip -> qcb. fp) only if u want to show off. but, I agree that this super is somewhat worthless. stick to AHVB’s

Damn u got ahead of me on that LOL, im not sure if u have to do it in corner im pretty sure i was doin it in middle of screen but then again u prob are right who knows. Yea basically just stick to AHVB it’s alot more damage and can do more damage, id only do Time Flip to show off if i know i can get it off.

Other supers that connect freely into Time Flip include Spirals Metamorphosis on ground (before the 26th hit) and Venom’s Venom Web on ground (before the Venom Fang finisher).

Any assist combo that ends with the opponents getting hit by Sent drones or something that leaves them in hitstun long enough you can combo TFlip.

Other practical uses for Time Flip DHC’s…right after an AC finished with Lightning Storm (Storm), Magnetic Tempest (Magneto), and Air Photon Array (Doom)…depending on the timing ov the DHC you’ll often OTG them with the shadow and you can then AHVB them on the spot…rarely the Time Flip will actually connec and you can end with greade into AHVB…flashy, yes…

i dont really see the point in using time flip it doesnt so great damage!!1

sometimes when u DHC into time super it will always connect 100% of the time

i.e. felisha ground super with the waves of water or whatever XX cable time flip super will always connect then u can trow a grenage and AHVB.

i gave up on trying to time lightning storm into time flip lol

but yeah it will probably be better to not dhc out, and use that meter to just CAHVB

wait do you mean like throw a grenade after the time flip throws them out then after the grenade u AHVB??? wtf lol i had no idea… i would sweep them up with c.lk, c.lk xx AHVB!!!

lol, when u do time flip, before it ends trow a grenade and it will connect as the time flip super animation stops and u can AHVB. I’ve seen Illan the 1st do it on denjin-video.

u can do more damage too if u know what ur doing, i’m sure u can HP X 3, qcf+lp and mash, then do a grenade and it will connect and the time flip super animation is done and then AHVB, but i can’t get it to work,


u sure that combo connects??

lol haha, actually i’m not sure, and now that i think about it, i dont think it can, but maybe if u skip the gunshots and do qcf+lp and then grenade, i dont know, it adds lil damage it is just for show.

but wouldnt the psimitar which is the (qcf+lp) would that just lift then up and cuz the counter to reset and if the counter resets dont u think they would be able to block??

lol no the psimitar is the dragon punch motion, do that from afar and quickly cancel into AHVB in general.

oh ok i get it now!! isnt it hard to time though?/?would u cancel out of it as their falling or after the time flip throws them out?