Tilting the Axis: The Soul Satellite Thread

So now that Rose’s new ultra has been unveiled, I feel it’s appropriate to create this thread for discussion specifically about Soul Satellite based on how everybody thinks it might work, regardless of how it’ll be tweaked, if at all.

Damage output aside :rofl: let me start contemplating all the different setups this ultra may have.

I finished a few online sessions just now, and I was using full/mid screen FADC LP Spark more often than usual; partly because I was inspired by Soul Satellite. This got me to think how we will probably be able to fadc spark after activating Satellite; effectively adding a 3rd, yet uncommitted, orb to the ultra.

The purposes for doing this is to increase the amount of protection for your orbs, so the other player won’t have the opportunity to shut it down so easily, while giving you an extra advantage in spatial control. I’d like to call this method Pre-Shielding.

Without adding too much fuel to my own fire, I’d like to let others post their own and shared ideas of how to set up Satellite.

mm… problems i see:

  • if orbs are just one hit attacks, then it can be shutted down easily with EX Fireballs. Ryu and Sagat will laugh their ass off.

  • If damage output per orb is so low as seen in last event videos, it use as punisher is very limited, hence being not very scary against chars with good stamina pressure (Rufus, Zangief, maybe T Hawk).

  • Rose has almost no combo game at the moment. If an orb that connect opens for a combo, the overall damage output would still be low because of Rose lack of damaging combos. HP Reflect into Soul Throw doesnt help too much because EX meter is needed for the FADC and you have to be upclose to connect the HP Reflect (the orbs pushback would make to connect it quite difficult unless your opponent is cornered, i guess).

  • It is ugly. Seriously. Other chars have way better looking ultra combos, it feels uninspired and weak. At least it is different from the others though…

but of course, all this is just speculation.

I have good word it’s already been tweaked so we wont know truly how it works until we see a newer build.

Well thats good news, hopefully its a fun ultra to use. Would be nice to know once those orbs are popped out, your opponent will be scared!

lol saqs with the inside info, lez make some bribes homie :lol:

Really looking forward to seeing what kind of crazy nonsense I can do with this move.

You know I already tried to get full disclosure lol.

Yes, I figured that it was going to be adjusted. Good to see that you have heard the same, Saqs. The animations are almost certainly going to be kept, but the properties of it will be changed.

Well I’ve been told not to expect much so im lowering my expectations.

I do think that even in its current state its very useable and has plenty of potential.

This could be one of those supers that nobody uses until several months/a year later when something incredibly gross is found with it, like an Aegis Reflector. SF4 Rose is a pretty boring character imo lol, she needs something like this. I mean damn, the -game- needs something like this.

I’m thinking that this is one for release. Meaning, the full detail will come later. Capcom will say what it does on the “face of it”, but like other things, WE, the players will have to dig for it.
I’m excited to see what can (and can not) do. If you watch the video again tho’, when they are looking up the notation, you can see it has a little electric bolt next to it (as a matter of fact, SP and Ill.Sprk. have the little symbol) I’m thinking it can be charged or does STUN like Rogs, new ultra.
(see at 1:42)

I can’t dream of it doing nothing more than what we’ve seen…
uuggghhhh, I hope your right Saqs. If it isn’t, i’m holding YOU accountable!

That’s the new symbol for armor break, I believe.

I just dropped a soul tear when I saw that…

It’s at least going to be exciting trying to find out how you can use it in a combo or to add to your defense.

Why is everyone displeased? This is the best thing she could get to make her more interesting. Would you rather have had another FB, grab or atack ultra? You’ve seen those, you know what they do, you know some require setup and some juggle. It would be nothing new, at all.

This ultra is actually a risk from Capcom, as nobody can say at this point how it can be applied. It will have a story to it, unlike, for example Ryu’s new Ultra.

I see:

  • defensive: if they jumpin you can just block and they might get hit out into a reset.
  • defensive: if they poke you can block and they get hit, scoring you possibly advantage, or at least less disadvantage
  • defensive: if they poke and hit you you get a free c-c-c-ombo breaker
  • offensive: this can bridge a normal that was not linkable to be linkable, like S HK
  • offensive: this can give you protection from fireballs or quick specials while bulldogging.
  • offensive: this can defeat focus attacks by making a single attack a double, also on jumpin.
  • overall: this changes the gameplan. Even if they can just fire it away with two fireballs, that’s great. Because you know they will be more likely to fireball.

If I think it works like it looks like it works

and oh yeah, it’s an ultra you might actually get to use each round. Unless you absolutely rock.

but… who is going to poke you after you activate ultra??

all people have to do is turtle. If you attack them, they just block. If they block and you manage to tick throw them taking advantage of orb blockstun, you will just inflict 140 damage.

… i dont know, it is too soon to say anything but… i would have prefered another different thing, like a multi hit ultra, or even a grab one :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wish it had more soul orbs. Maybe 2 is fine for 50% Ultra, but for Full Ultra give it at least 3 orbs or more.

I would be fine with this if I felt like I had control over it. Watch. Some crap like I can still be thrown I gonna annoy me. Watch. Gief will some how spd me.

The main problem is one orb. Now I don’t think it’s an immediate hit. The orb has to rotate and touch the hitbox. So tehnically I can be ultrad of timed right, correct?

And that means my timing on my attack has to be even better. I got to counter my opponent and time the orb hit. It could be great for extending hit stun and I could see rose really putting out decent numbers with basic combos. But what if your banking on the combo to be like

slide (orb) st.hk xx lp spark (orb) st.hk xx drill

let’s assume this works. But what if the slide and orb hit at the same time. Can’t link the orb to a normal.

And that’s my point. There has to be more to it. I want a level of control over this. Because this seperates ryu from rose, but ryu doesn’t have to worry about as much as rose so he can be thinking about other things when he’s got ultra

I can almost hear “OPTION!” being yelled out every time I see Soul Sattelite deployed…

Is it just me, or…?

Kail, avoiding a slide and orb hitting simultaneously is something that will need practice. While it could be burdensome to wait for an orb to get to 10 o’clock before attacking, it also acts as a mind game since the other player might be anticipating an attack at that time and do something risky, but you just fake him out by sitting back. Kind of reminds me of The Pit and the Pendulum.

And you probably will have more control over satellite than most other characters have with theirs. I can’t wait to see how many Ryu scrubs whiff U2. Satellite, there’s no punishment for whiffing in itself unless you activate it at an unsafe moment. I know what you mean though, but that’s part of what makes a fight a fight in that you won’t always have control, and sometimes things get blocked.