Tiger Knee Motion On Keyboard?

So in AE, I find it impossible to tiger knee Makoto’s Tsurugi or Cammy’s Cannon Strike for the instant air. The weird thing is that it comes out perfectly fine in SFxT, and I can consistently instant air Cannon Strike in that game, but it just doesn’t seem to work in AE. I’m doing the standard down, down back, back, up forward motion too. Any tips? I have to be doing something wrong. And please don’t tell me to buy a fight stick or use a pad, I’m working on getting a stick =,=

Well, to be honest, most Makoto players do it the standard way by jumping and then doing QCB as quickly as possible. If you’re on keyboard, you actually have the advantage in terms of speed, so you shouldn’t need input tricks.

I can’t speak for Cammy, I think her height requirement is lower.

Hmm, thanks. I didn’t know there was a certain height you had to reach as Makoto before the Tsurugi will come out

Several air special attacks have height restrictions. Makoto’s is a bit higher than Cammy’s tiger-knee cannon spikes. Just delay the motion, or better yet, jump in the air first before you input the axe kick.

If you’re using two fingers ( I assume middle finger for down and index finger for forward) just switch from down to up with your middle finger while holding forward with your index finger. basically doing QCF but hitting up before you press the attack button.

I know some keyboards don’t let you press too many keys at once. I suggest changing the inputs. I’m had some luck with the numpad and the six document buttons(insert, delete, page, up etc.)

Are you using the hitbox layout

example being; ASD for left, down, right + up = space?

WASD/arrow keys for up, left, down, right?

Tiger knee motions are super easy with the hitbox layout.

I use WASD right now because Balrog doesn’t require any 360’s or instant airs. I’ll probably switch to hitbox layout when I fully learn how to play Makoto. Isn’t hitbox-style something like D, DB, B, Space+Up Forward?

also Makoto’s Tsurugi after Fukiage or Ultra II requires more precise timing and jump height. I found it on keyboard much easier than on an arcade stick.