Tiers of MK3/UMK3?

I cant believe I’m getting addicted to MK shit again, after all this time.

I’ve been picking up Cyrax and Kung Lao in U/MK3. What are the tiers of the games? And how the fuck do you beat Motaro and Kahn?

Mk3 Kabal would have to be top tier…75% combo=pwnage. Dude Motaro falls for Jump Hk’s to run in dial a combo…constantly…Kahn can be uppercutted a lot. It really aint that hard…really.

i thought it was Kung Lao, Human Smoke, and Kabal that was top tier? and that Sub-Zer, Scorpion, Sonya, Kitana, Nightwolf and Jade can still put up a fight. unless that was trilogy.

Motaro can be easily defeated with uppercuts. I am only capable of defeating Kahn (on MKT) using Liu Kang (low fireballs continuously, don’t give him a chance to retaliate) or Noob Saibot (use the cloud attack, then he can’t hurt you, so beat the crap out of him).


Yeah but you can all forget about how the characters play against the CPU because there is no tier since every character can be easily defeated in numerous ways with every character.

The only thing that matters is playing against other people.

  1. Kabal
  2. Human Smoke
  3. Kung Lao
  4. Kano
  5. Nightwolf
  6. Reptile
  7. Robot smoke
  8. Ermac
  9. Sindel
  10. Jax
    After this point I really don’t know a definite list since a lot of the characters have a number of players who specialize in them, this is really more based on damage and relative ease per combo, number and types of tactics available, and special case factors like collision detection. I’ve never actually seen a full list of anything beyond top 10, and some of these characters are debatably placed.
  11. Stryker
  12. Sonya
  13. Scorpion
  14. Kitana
  15. Liu Kang
  16. Sektor
  17. Jade
  18. Classic Sub-zero
  19. Unmasked Sub-zero
  20. Cyrax
  21. Shang Tsung
  22. Sheeva
  23. Mileena

Is there a Trilogy tier by chance? Ive never seen one and am curious as to who is the best…

Noob Saibot, Rain, MKII Kung Lao, and Baraka, are all added to the top tier, there’s more like a top 15 in MKT if you include MKII Jax. Some modifcations are neeed elsewhere. I gotta head out to work now, I’ll post some more later.

I just bought MK Arcade Treasures 2 and I found out that Sheeva’s Super Stomp(or whatever it’s called) works pretty well on Motaro at least in MK 3 anyway. It does full damage even if he blocks it. Just be sure you get the hell away before he can retaliate.

You can just frames stomp him to death, he never releases block, but that is besides the point, playing the CPU is worthless and not fun for most players.

Aight. Been working on my Kung Lao a bit. Right now, my current strategy consists of tossing the occasional hat and trying my luck at Run + Dial-A-Combo and pray the CPU dosent block. My basic BnB is HP,LP,HP,LP,LK,LK, Away + HK.

You don’t need B+HK on that combo, and you really should go online with it and try and find people cause you won’t get better playing the CPU. Please listen to me.

As soon as I can properly config MAME with my gamepad, I’ll hit up Kaillera. For now, I’ve just been playing on Midways Classics 2.

Great stuff EWAShock…excellent!!!

Ok, Im, all ready to go online with MAME .64. Anyone up for soem matches?

Kabal breaks MK 3.

Noob Saibot breaks MKT.