Tier Listing for New Generation and 2nd Impact

Who are the top tier ‘whores’ of SF3:NG and SI? Do you guys think these games are more/less balanced than 3s? Why does Alex sound like Micheal Jackson in these games? Discuss.

IIRC correctly Oro was the top tier in NG, followed by Yun/Yang. Like the new av btw.

^ likewise

I’ve heard Sean is top-tier also.

I thought Sean and Ibuki were tops in 2I, but mid in NG. It’s hard to remember after all this time(I can’t believe SF3 is 8 years old!)but I’m sure somebody here’s still got the lists/reasons somewhere. And Alex sounded like MJ so that little kids would run away from the cabinet and not fuck up the sticks. Seriously, I would have liked the old Alex voice better if it hadn’t been so high on the octave scale…the quiet raspiness would’ve made him sound like more of a psycho than the Brooklyn trash voice he has in 3S.

ROFL dude I agree. I don’t think in either game his voice fits his character. Alex should have a really deep, raspy voice w/o the NY accent.

Everyone bitches so bad about Ken, Chun and Yun maybe all the 3s players should go back to playin SI.

I would like that :slight_smile:

Then again, it sounds like Elena never had too much of an advantage in any of the trilogy, so I would probably just end up bitching again.

  • ryu was also a bitch in 2I.

  • think SA3 x2.

  • NG had inf.'s.; Oro’s great b/c of Tengu Stone BS. Ibuki = SA3 x standing roundhouse x N…inf.; i forgot others, too…

  • 2I had Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Ibuki…

  • 3s has Top 3., although I WISHED they kept 2I Sean and Ibuki. :sad:

NG was broken, plain and simple.

God Tier:

Top Tier:
Ibuki (easy infinite + SA3)
Yun/Yang (Option select gods)

2nd Tier:
Dudley (infinite)
Oro (Tengu)

3rd Tier: Everyone else

Garbage Tier: Elena

2I was much better… I’d argue better than 3S if for no other reason than the speed of play and no Chun, but I know no one’s trying to hear that.

Top Tier:
Ibuki (SA3 madness)
Gouki (Dive kick too good)

2nd Tier:
Sean (great all-around, combos off everything, good damage)
Urien (Sick damage)

3rd Tier:
Everyone else

Garbage Tier:
Hugo (outside of 4xJab, SA3 he had nothing)
Elena (better than NG, but still parry-bait)
UOH (could see it coming from a mile away)

You could probably argue a couple more guys in to the 2nd tier (Ryu, Ken, Dudley), but frankly it’s been so long since there was any comp in 2I I don’t remember.

Are there any good NG or SI combo vids that would show the infinites and stuff?

Gief_100proof: What do you mean by parry = god tier?

I actually like the idea of Yun/Yang, Ibuki, Oro, and Dudley top tier in NG. That kind of forces you stay away from Shotos and learn interesting characters. I also like the idea of 3rd tier = everyone else in SI and NG rather than in 3s where bottom tier is like Twelve and Sean.

I wonder why is Ken not top or even second tier in these games. What did they add in 3s that made him soo good?

Maybe… check DC++. Otherwise, it would make a good project for someone with a lot of time on their hands.

Parrying in NG was brain-dead easy which led to some serious option select and made characters with good, safe chains (Ibuki, Yun/Yang, Dudley) that much better.

Frankly, I’m more concerned with whether a game is good (read: no broken parries or easy infinites) than whether or not the shotos are any good. Besides, NG Ibuki is just as, if not more, annoying than any shoto in any game.

Uhhh… 3S is that way too.

Top Tier:
Big 3

2nd Tier:

3rd Tier:
Everyone else

Garbage Tier:

Once again, you could argue for a couple other people in 2nd tier, but it’s the same basic format I use for just about every game (save maybe Marvel + A3).

  • No double SRK juggle
  • No EX Hurricane (in NG)
  • No hit confirm c. strong
  • And most importantly… SA3 doesn’t combo off EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN THING.

You could argue him as low second tier in NG thanks to 2 Shinryukens.

^^ noob question but what is DC++??

Wasn’t Sean even better in NG because on top of good comboability he did stupid stun damage? I distinctly remember j.HP, s.HP XX HK HORNAY doing like, 90% stun on most chars.

that stun was KKEERRRRRRAZZYYYYY!!! :tup: :tup: :tup:

Sean kept on getting nerfed… :tdown:

how was denjin ryu in the earlier games?

TOO GOOD. 2i was kerrraazzyyyy… 2 stocks of denjin? yummy! 100% b.s. combo if you caught your opponent on a bad parry day. :karate:
hella’s stupid, too…how’d it go?

  • (2 stocks) j.fierce, s.fierce, jab srk xxx SA3 (charge), release (they dizzy);
  • (2nd part) repeat…
  • i think that’s how it went…either way, you’re screwed. :karate:

pardon me if my memory is cloudy, k?

Kingdom if what you say is true about Ryu and Denjin Hado, I might just need to pick up my copy of 2I and try that stuff out, I never really knew what the tier’s list was in NG and 2I because only NG made it to where I lived, it didn’t get any competetion and I never saw 2I nor 3S(playing 3S now because I got it for the PS2)… :sad:, what sucks is that 2I is only for the DC and that’s nearly impossible to find here :sad:

So from my reads of the post it seems like…

NG Sean>>>>SI Sean>>>> 3S Sean
SI Ryu>>>> 3S Ryu…I really don’t like how 3S Ryu plays like, even his best Super Art which is SAI has so little damage, large bar…damn, or maybe I just suck at using him :confused:

^I got SF3:Doublt Impact for the DC for 15 bucks on ebay. I am waiting for it to come in the mail. Thats why I started this thread…

I remember playing NG in 1997. They had it next to SFAlpha 2 and X-men Vs. Street Fighter. The only thing I remmeber was the marquee, it just said “three” on it, which I thought was cool

Yes and no. I would agree that NG Sean is a stronger character damage-wise, but there are more characters who are better than him in NG than in 2I. Plus EX Tornado in 2I was money since it was tough to parry, has practically no recovery, and you could add SA3 or SA1 after it (and SA2 in the corner if memory serves).

Yes, but only because of 2-stock Denjin. And even then, most decent players can parry Denjin.

these games are fun. wish i played em when they were new