Tier List for Streets of Rage Remake V5 for PC

Tier List for Streets of Rage Remake V5 for PC What is the tier list in your opinion of this great remake(best remake I have ever played). Zan looks pretty cheesy. His range and priority is kinda dumb. The charging shoulder ram is REALLY useful and the Max like grabs are cool.

This doesn’t belong here (since it’s a Beat 'em Up, not a Fighting Game). Besides, there’s already a thread for this in GD.

So if this game isn’t a fighting game then what is the main type of play in this video game?

Fighting. Right. You are fighting in this video game so its a fighting (video) game. Stop over complicating video game genres.

Its just not exclusively 1 on 1 and has adventure aspects.

Quit being butthurt, it’s not a fighting game.

So they are not fighting in the game?

lol You guys are so afraid to call a game a fighting game if it isn’t a 2d sidescrolling 1 on 1 fighter.

Its pretty simple. Fighting video games are primarily about fighting. Period. No need for interpretation.

Beat 'em Up, not Fighting Game.

Beat em up is a subgenre of the fighting game genre. Why?
Because it has fighting as a primary feature of gameplay. Thus a fighting(video) game. Its not a 1 on 1 versus style fighter but is still a fighter because it features fighting as the main mode of play.

Example: a “Snowboarding (video) game”.

a video game that involves snowboarding.

What if you have a game thats a Big Jump Snowboarding Competition (video) game.

Big Jump Snowboarding Competition is a subgenre of snowboarding (video) game.

It is still a snowboarding (video) game.

Beat em up is still a fighting game because a fighting video game is a video game that features fighting as it primary means of gameplay.

Its like music and its many subgenres.