Tick throws

Ok, so from what I understand, tick throws are essentially, jab, jab, throw. I’ve seen them plenty of times in matches, but when I try to do it myself in training, what I find is that after 2 jabs, I’ve pushed the opponent out of throw range. The best I can come up with is a dash afterwards, but there’s still some delay. In matches I can’t see any dash and the throw seems to come out right after the last jab. What am I missing here?

You can actually do it with one jab. Tick throws require timing, meaning in training mode as you’re doing the jab look at when the dummy has left blockstun and then grab but don’t leave too much of an opening.

Which game/characters?

The spacing may be off depending on what jump in you are using on whatever character. Just look through threads here or videos of pros with your characters and you’ll eventually see what jump ins are good for tick throw setups with your character. Otherwise you are just too far away from your opponent when you are going for the tick throw.

If you are still having a problem you can always work on Kara Throwing. Depending on what character you play this could be really useful as it gives some characters 3-4 move strings into tick throw.

just walk forward when you do it

i.e. jab(hold forward), jab(hold forward) throw

should give you a tick throw. also, make sure you arent grabbing them because you’re not waiting for them to exit blockstun

Or if jab is a problem try using lk, throw. Any hard hitting, move that cause long block stun can be ticked etc. Fireball tick into throw. Depends on what character you are using also. Hope that helps

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I was talking about SF4 (vanilla) here (but I’m sure it applies to AE too). I wasn’t really addressing any one character, but if I had to choose one, it would be Sagat.

Also, I believe I’m correct in saying that these ‘tick throws’ aren’t really tick throws in the traditional sense, where the opponent would have no chance to tech it, but the principal is still there.

If there are throw techs in the game then the opponent will always be able to tech.

Sagat can’t tick throw after two cr.lk’s because his walk speed is laughable. Instead, go for a tiger knee string (cr.lk cr.,lk cr.lk, cr.mk xx lk tk is a good starter), a crossup j.lk, or an overhead f.hp. If you have two bars and ultra you can do cr.lk and do a great mixup. Either you do a tick throw or you do a Tiger Uppercut (fadc) instead. If they try to tech the throw they get hit by the tiger uppercut and you get 500 damage midscreen.

Never use cr.lp to start blockstrings with Sagat if you have a choice. Use cr.lk. It’s more advantageous on block, has less pushback, does good damage, and combos more easily on hit. You can’t even throw after one cr.lp because the pushback is so large.

Only reason to do naked cr.lp is because it’s 3 frames and has a good hitbox as a poke.

The concept of a tick throw is just to throw somebody after they come out of block or hit stun, so they can’t interrupt your attempt with something like a DP.

This doesn’t create a guaranteed situation, as if you do it too early, you whiff your throw / throw a normal out.
If you do it too late, and it’s anticipated, you’ll get thrown back in their counterthrow attempts
If you do it too late, and it’s not expected, you might have to block something like a DP.

As far as I know, if we were talking about ST, you can always try to reversal uppercut tick throws. It’s just that there are character with option selects that either throw or beat your own uppercut with theirs. It’s kind of a gimmick though because you have to be minus on block to set that up so they can just counter throw you for free if their character has the throw range.

You’re correct. There are sorts of techniques to reverse the OS though.

Hit n’ throw is a no no. Back in the SF2 days, if someone performed a tick throw, they would get a free throw.

the above post makes no sense

What are you talking about? You don’t get “free” throws in ST unless it’s a punish.

He means that back in the day you ran the risk of starting a real life fight for throwing cause it was deemed “cheap”

Ok, so Sagat doesn’t have a tick throw, but it seems that I was right that there IS a small dash after two LP, but it’s just that it goes from that so quick to throw that you can’t really see it - am I right? Or is it just that some characters have almost no pushback from LP so they’re still in throw range? Oh man, I really need to just see one done clearly.

How about Adon (my other character), does anyone know if he has a tick throw?

P.S. I really appreciate all the feedback on this one guys.

Any character can do a tick throw. You just need to find the right attack or set of attacks that put your opponent in block/hit stun but leaves you in range to throw them as they come out of block/hit stun. You either need to experiment, watch videos of top players who use your characters, or check out the character specific threads

Stop using lp as your blockstring tool with Sagat. Use cr.lk. It has less pushback and more frame advantage on hit. After one cr.lk Sagat can tick throw.

Yeah, he can do cr.lk x2 into throw if you walk a tiny bit. Or cr.lk x1 -> throw. He has a kara throw (s.hk) that makes his tick throw game a bit better.