tick throwing

what’s the concept of tick throwing? is it combined with kara throws?

“tick throwing” just refers to putting someone in blockstun in order to give them less time to react to a throw.

doesn’t work in 3s

It “works” but not in the same sense that it “works” in ST.

In 3rd strike you cant throw someone while there in block stun.

…yet, you still see it in high level play.

neither you can in sf2…

“tick throwing” consists into putting the opponent in block stun (or hitstun), and grab him as soon as he recovers from that.

it’s just that blockstun in sf2 for many moves lasts just as much as the recovery of those (so that the enemy is grabbable as soon as you take control of you character again), combined with the fact that throws have better range, are instant and pressing up on the stick doesn’t make you unthrowable on the first frame, so jumping out of a well done tick is not an option. While (roughly) those features make sf2 tick throwing quite deadly, there is decent tick throwing in 3s… one of the most blatant would be Elena’s sLK -> throw, it’s so fast it gets hard to react to if you aren’t paying attention; Makoto has many ticks setups for Karakusa too.

Kara throwing is not necessary to do a tick throw, but it gives you more and better options. Chun Li is the main example of this I believe.

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Lots of characters use tick throws in 3S. Makoto, Chun, Q, Alex, the shotos, Twelve, and Elena all use them a lot, and a bunch of the other characters also use them, although less frequently.

Yang uses C.Sht as a tick throw often

Tick throws are too powerful.

Tick throws aren’t nearly as powerful in 3rd strike, mainly due to the fact that throw range is so short for everyone who isn’t Chun Li.

^Actually Ryu and Akuma has a really nice kara-throw and a couple other characters as well.

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I guess so cause cause tick throws is powerful as hell in 3s.

ticks are really, really strong in 3s, but what most beginner-intermediate players dont understand is that ticks are just 1/2 of the throw game mixup. the other 1/2 is ANTI throw setups, baiting throws is one of the most powerful things you can do in 3s.

ex:ken do c.short, walk up throw


c.short walk up a little, short short super.

Ticking is definitely important in 3S, but it’s true that it’s not as strong as in, say, Super Turbo. In 3S you’re invulnerable to throws immediately upon pressing up to jump, but not so in ST, not to mention that throw ranges were bigger and throws did more damage in ST. Still important in 3S, though.

I didn’t say tick throwing wasn’t effective in 3S, I just said that it wasn’t nearly as good compared to oldschool SF tick throwing.
Back in the day, if Zangeif got a jump in tick string on you, there was literally almost no way to jump out of it.
I can’t think of a single throw in 3S that has the kind of range that Zangeif’s old SPD did.

Something like tick, jab moonsault press isn’t anywhere close to being the same thing.
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