This comment is GOD LIKE

Good, then we all know not to take this thread seriously because it’s for the morons who think they can make use of this move. Next.

Would you use Thunderbolt if it came out faster, hit overhead and was safe on block?

Well… duh.

Uh, that’s what F+RH is for =].

I just think it’s silly it doesn’t hit overhead, I mean come on! It’s practically a jumping attack, it hits directly on top of them. I guess it didn’t hit overhead in SF3:2I?

cant be that bad Dudley vs Ryu - Safeshare.TV

If it hit on the way up like sumo splash and didn’t completely suck and was really just sumo splash I think it would be useful.

First off I’d like to say to the people who find this attack useless to save their time and not bother people who want to try and give it a whirl. Everyone plays with a different style and some people just want to incorporate this move into their fighting style ;p Of course it’s a bad move but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to look into its potential.

Maybe we’re not thinking of all the possibilities. There’s been a few times where I intercepted someone out of the air. Sure it didn’t hit hard but using it against a particular jump might be useful. I’ll have to look into this one today_^) Too bad on the way up you can get hit yarg and it still doesn’t replace standing forward or crouching fierce.

Well said.

The last few times ive played sfiv there have been dudleys that insist on using this move. I figured with so many bp (5000+) points they would have figured out by now that its not very good. But no, they used it a lot. They got punished every time.

And then you go on to say sure it’s a bad move AGAIN and name every single possible reason why it’s a bad move then go… Well it doesnt replace the real anti-airs that are pretty amazing.

…At least you’re getting it… Slowly…

it depends on who your playing. I think Ive landed a solid thunderbolt on every character in one situation or another but from my experiences online its most effective against dhalsim. Ive noticed that no matter how many pp or bp a sim player has they do 1 of 3 things on wakeup. throw, teleport, or super and/or ultra 1. ESPECIALLY if you have them cornered. just bait them to do something on wakeup then let em have it. works 90% of the time.

See things where you bait someone with a move, they aren’t necessarily punishes. What you are talking is more like gimmicks at best. And that is what thunderbolt is – a gimmick, and a poor one at that.

If you really wanted to punish a wakeup ultra, you’d jump over, throw to reset mixup, or counter ultra.

Thunderbolt is just another poor option. I mean you could always punish with a single jab too but it wouldn’t be worth it so why do it?

It would be great if someone DID figure out a use for thunderbolt, (is it cancellable? maybe it can end a combo idk) but so far there are normals and strings that do everything that thunderbolt does and does it better.

No, thunderbolt has no uses.

Promptly cease practice of this technique.

I use thunderbolt for chip damage win in the corner before their wakeup.


skip to 5mins and 50 seconds… or

Another tricky way of using it is in your blockstrings. c.JAB, c.JAB, c.MP, Thunderbolt(medium kick), it crosses them over. OR light kick to land infront of them.

I dig the block string idea. I’ll have to give that a whirl in a match and see how it goes. By the way, the earlier method of low roundhouse to ducking straight, it’s better to use a medium version dash to straight and follow it up with a roundhouse thunderbolt. Seems most consistent but I still have to go check it out.

ya ex tb does the most chip damage. more so then ex mgb or the ultras

Actually I do like this, but you have to be almost point blank at the start of the blockstring for it to work, which heavily limits the usefulness of this technique, seeing as Dudley is rarely that close. Thunderbolt has a very fickle hitbox like that.

the move is too pro,

i perfected Daigo twice in a row using only Thunderbolt, its too fucking good!!!