Thunder Kick 2 - Gloucester, south-west UK - March 20th

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Thunder Kick 2 - Saturday March 20th
Gloucester, south-west UK

super street fighter 2 turbo (arcade), default settings, no akuma. good sportsmanship to be expected :china:
3 entry, single elmination, winner takes all
format is likely to be first to 3 for each round, and first to 5 for the finals, but may be revised closer to the time depending on turnout


expected attendees
ex_mosquito (shmups)
fire-bug (neoempire)
CPS2 (arcadeotaku)
throsh (electronicdojo)
WASIM (electronicdojo)
Tofa (SRK)

ax3ninja (electronicdojo)
renegade (neoempire)
tony starks (arcadeotaku)
pubjoe (arcadeotaku)
orf (neoempire)
the genius (electronicdojo)

it’s a short 10 minute walk from both the train station and the bus/coach station

Google Map

and if you’re driving down, it’s 5 mins walking distance from a multi-story NCP carpark (there’s another one closer than what’s shown in the link)

N.B - i know this forum isn’t very good at registering new users properly, so if you are interested and cannot post in the thread, you can alternatively send me a message through my youtube page

nice one, was a bit worried as i thought i’d be flying home on that weekend, turns out im off a week after this so alls good :). yea definitely gonna try and get down there and hopefully not get beat too bad so put me down as in.

i need a training mode lol.

sorry, i don’t think my email notifications are working on this forum =/

anyways, great stuff - list updated =)

list updated

registration closed