Throws that don't reset the stun meter

What the topic says. So far I’ve found that Yun’s punch throw and Chun’s kick throw don’t reset the stun meter. But I don’t feel like going through each character and testing it. My guess is that any throw that involves some sort of “hit” as opposed to just toss won’t reset the meter but I don’t really know. Anyone know of any others?

When I say reset, I mean it just keeps the timer on the stun meter going as opposed to not counting as anything.

I don’t think any throw outright “resets” the meter. However, I see what you are saying. Some of them actually “extend” it due to their hitting properties, others count as “no-hit” which ultimately let it reset after the alloted “hasn’t been hit” time has expired. Depending on how long a throw animation is, you may or may not be able to continue adding stun to the opponent using those types. With the types you are talking about, you can definitely add more. Thats cool.


I figured it be a good thing to know if your character has any such throws. I always thought it was pretty stupid that you are “penalized” when throwing a guy and the stun meter timer doesn’t keep going.

The 4 characters that have the buggy throws that allow Dan/Rolento to be OTG’ed repeatedly and allow juggling afterwards in A groove keep the stun meter with these same throws. You can hit them once then do nonstop throws and there stun won’t go down.

Yun - Punch
Maki - Punch
Chang - Kick
Hibiki - Kick

EXCEPT Hibiki… switch her with Chun li. I don’t know why. ?

I don’t think there are any more that keep the stun meter like they do… But there are lot’s of throws that are quick enough to allow them to get back up and get hit again before the stun meter goes down.

Someone correct me if wrong here…

I’m pretty sure of Haohmaru’s kick throw (somebody test it out to make sure that’s right). Dunno if this counts, but I’m postive of Iori’s command grab too.

Those throws are quick (is Haoh’s the quickest in the game??? That thing is damn fast), but they don’t stop the stun time from running out. You can add more stun damage after those throws… but you have a time limit that starts when you last hit them.

There is a somewhat interesting property with Todo’s throw. Normally if you combo his commando throw then —> lp. wave… you add a point or two to the stun gauge as opposed to just doing ----> lp wave. I am not sure if it has to do that the longer you combo [Non-A Groove] the more stun damage you do.

Of course this kinda negates itself to things that look like would do nice stun damage [King’s wanna-be autocombo Somersault and Yuri’s BitchSlap] don’t do any at all.