throwdown in modesto home console bring ur own shit

wussup cencal throwin a tournament at my house it will be 5$ to sign up 100% of the money will go to 1st and 2nd place we will figure something out for 3rd place dunno yet the date will be saturday september 8th i will be signing people up at 2:00pm til 4:00pm tourney will start at 5pm if ur gonna be late post and we can arrange something this is a shoutout mostly to cencal cvs2 players but anyone from anywhere can come and sign up i would also like to personally challenge ricky o john choi or leezy to come and try to win this money the location of my house is as follows

3609 ganado way off of the beckwith road and standiford exit next to vintage fair mall map quest that shit and dont be late hope to have a good turnout.:wgrin:

Damn same day as UFC 75. I don’t think I’ll make it…

ill be there to hold the force

Sign me up… I got work, but if I get off early ill come.

cool ill be there. Gonna play 3s too? Or just cvs2?

WTF people u guys gonna make it or what post money matches. I would like to money match anyone who shows up b4 or after the tournament.


not to throw cold water on your party, but just as an FYI, do you really expect people to drive 1.5 hours for a console tournament and money matches when there are no incentives whatsoever?

put extra 200$ into the potand split it 70-20-10 or something and i’m sure hella people will show up.

otherwise, i really don’t think a lot of people are willing to drive that far for what might be a shitty console tourney with 6 people.

that aside, let’s see what happens in the next 4 days.

hey LB ive seen u in nor cal b4 and u seemed like a cool guy jus an average k groover but to put down modesto like that its not rite u dont have 2 show up if u dont want too but its better off if u keep ur opinions to urself were expecting people from fresno modesto stockton and sacramento if people from the bay show up its just a plus so prob 15 people maybe more but ur welcome 2 come LB thnx for voicing ur opinion. Were just tryin 2 get the seen goin so we dont have to drive to mgl/svgl every other week to play but just so u know it wont be a shitty tourney cuz im runnin it good luck to everyone that decides to show up later.

BTW cen-cal has more talent than u could imagine.

:slight_smile: like i said, i’m totally not trying to put modesto/central cali nor say you guys aren’t good. i bet i suck more than most of them. i agree that i’m just an average k-groover so it’s all good.

you wrote saying that you wanted to ‘personally challenge’ top nor cal players, and it was a response to that saying that they might not like to go that far out of the way for a console tournament. i specified that i might be throwing cold water on your party, but it was just my opinion. if more top players are willing to go and there’s extra money in the pot, it will surely give incentives for people in the bay to go out of the way.

i’ve never been to your house nor your tournies, so i’m not putting you down in any way. i’ve just been a part of many different homebrew console tournies (not big ones like Evo) that turned out way below expectation is all.

again, good luck to you but you probably won’t get to beat me down this weekend. :slight_smile:

btw lb was giving you suggestions, way to shit on your own face.

id like to appologize to u LB cuz after what u said jus i realize ur prob not that bad of a person and thnx for the appologies cuz it felt really rude what u said about my shitty console tourney i was just tryin to be nice and invite u guys ur still welcome 2 come if ud like no offense taken hope u diidnt take any thnx and im guessing the turnout will still be good despite the negative rep.

(:slight_smile: )

tournaments right around the corner if theres any questions u can call me at 404-3078

how many people have confirmed that they’re going?

just what u see in the posts thats all the response ive gotten but i hope to have a god turnout

Have you guys seen that movie Ratatouille?

I might stop by to join the fun and money matches on this…This isnt a PRIVATE gathering like some of the dudes in the bay do right :rolleyes:??? Holla back…

 -D R B

p.s - PatMonsta dont apologize to anyone…especially elitist assholes who really suck. No matter how big or small your tourney is at least you are having an open forum for ALL players to play at and are nice enough to even throw one.

There you go again…

Our gatherings are really private, EVERYONE is invited except for you. Even your boy Oliver was over chillin’ having a good time. :lovin: