Throw-teching glitch not completely fixed?


i dont know why but sometimes when i go into training (and in some online matches) i am still able to do this

is this just me or some weird conditions to activating the glitch again?

or am i missing something completely obvious here

What does Capcom think they fixed then?

:eek: Apparently it’s fixed in some modes or under some circumstances, but players are still able to trigger the glitch sometimes.

Training mode, especially, is slowly becoming inconsistent with the actual versus mode. H&H mode being different I can understand, but they should really be careful with making sure fixes happen consistently across all applicable modes.

This is capcom we’re talking about, they could tie their shoe laces and tuck them in but they would still trip over.

Its not some setting you have on under training is it? I’m going to check tomorrow when I boot up the game. sigh Capcom.