Throw nerf in action

At 14:01 you can see the extra 2 frames. Kinda sad. Even the palm seems weird. Not sure if it shouldve whiffed. [media=youtube]sHaXIfqMcxE[/media]

It seems they’re serious about this change. Thoughts?

That video doesn’t help much since Gief already has a 4f reversal and x2dashes safejump didn’t work against it.

Pretty sure palm whiffed because Gief still didn’t wakeup yet.

Palm whiff is still very common, the active for it is shite so that doesn’t bother me. Forward throw, I dunno, I cannot notice anything and I doubt it’s that easy being a 2f change :E

You’re saying it like they would have undone the change 3 days after they announced it, before the loc test even happens?

Be realistic. If they’re going to undo the change, which they most likely won’t. We won’t know about it until much later on.

Exactly, if anything’s gonna change that’s after the last loketest.

that guy did the palm way too early. in this video, tokido does 1x dash then walks forward slightly and does meaty palm. If he wanted to, he could’ve also gone for a meaty demon flip throw if he felt like the opponent wasn’t going to press a button on wakeup. And for the palm option you can still OS sweep/demon flip/teleport/uppercut however you feel is most appropriate for the matchup. It’s a nerf, but it can be worked around nonetheless for a simpler 50/50 mixup

To be honest - and I am a little embarrassed by this - I think I’ll barely notice the throw nerf. I will probably notice it slightly and have to adjust my timing on some things, but I’ve never done too many canned set-ups. I’m more worried about the DF overhead nerf, really, as DF mix-ups are a big part of my game and I hate to see an element taken away, but as I’ve said before, I think most of the time I hit people with DF palm it’s because they’re trying to do something (like jump away from a DF throw, which I use a lot) and I think most people will still block high on instinct when they see you airborne regardless.