Thread Clean Up - Give your ideas

Which threads should be stickied/unstickied?

Which threads should be merged?

Which threads need to be split into new topics?

Which threads just need a brand new thread of it’s own?

Nominate a new active moderator.

Any other concerns, write them up. It’s clean up time.

The setup thread can be unstickied and replaced with a new setup thread. If need be the new thread can link to the old one. Maybe kill the SF4 Akuma combo thread. Only a small portion of the info in that thread is still relevant.

See if Loyalsol wants to mod this forum. He has the experience nessesary to do a good job at it.

This is a GREAT thread.

Speaking as a newcomer to the forums. It would be great to have all new USF4 threads.

It’s currently very overwhelming to go through these threads that go all the way back to 2008, trying to decipher what is still relevant and what isn’t.
Plus some of the opening posts haven’t been edited in years.
It very off putting, and (I think) you want these forums to cater to new people/beginners.

Best case scenario is if an expert can take a look at the current “key” threads, pull out what’s still relevant (copy and paste), and create new threads.
It would save me and other beginners hours and hours of searching through archives and testing to see if the tech is still relevant.
It’s a LOT of work.


**An USF4 Combo thread (clearly + fs.hp xx special attack + red focus cancels are HUGE game changers).

An USF4 Set Up Thread (DWU changes everything).

An USF4 Match Up Thread (changes like red focus, characters buffs and nerfs, DWU, and new characters make this a worthwhile new thread).**

Again I’m not saying throw the baby out with the bath water (let’s keep links or include stuff that’s still relevant) but it would be immensely helpful to see the most relevant information stickied and upfront.

Cheers for listening!

and with that being said, I think all the threads should be locked until new ones are made, to cut down on the amount of time spent going back and copy pasting

Agreed with Volcanic. I think all new threads should be made but we should take it a step further. We should post an “Edition” version of each Thread because yes USF4 is now but in the future Edition select may be tournament standard rather than the Usf4. I’d personally always pick USf4 Akuma in an edition select Tournament version of Akuma because if there were no DWU, Usf4 Akuma is the best version again IMHO and only Usf4 characters can do DWU. But yeah I think we should recreate the Threads for each edition of Akuma. It’s going to be a large project yes but it’s better to do the majority of the work now then later when we realize the older information will become even more relevant.

For example what if one version of Akuma loses to Yun like AE version but Vanilla Akuma actually beats Yun? It’s very possible so we should keep this in mind and rebuild rather than get rid of or scrap.

Again Usf4 is now that’s fine and more important for the next year or so, but more than likely the future of this game is going to be Edition select with TONS of match-ups so it’s going to be very helpful if we are a step ahead… once again…

Evil demon Laugh

Only thing we should keep is the setup thread and video thread. Moody is never around anymore so the information should be copied over into an ultra matchup thread into another posters hands. Sols directory thread and the FAQ thread should be merged together. Keep the ultra changes thread and nuke everything else.

Match up thread, combo thread, video thread and oki thread all need to be made

Would you guys like me to make threads? We need to start pooling our knowledge ASAP. If i lose to another random mashy decapre on ranked I’ma cry

If you will be around for a long ass time to update the threads, then go right ahead

Hmmm I definitely won’t be. Guess we’re waiting for someone willing.

What kind of tech you think you can put right now that wont be either obvious tech or false next month ?
I think no need to hurry at all. Not even sure an emergency update wont be release in september seeing how quick that release went with changes left and right and potential OP stuff for some chars.
Once the Pc players will have their hands on it, with the pc tools to test frames and stuff, it will be another story I’m sure.

Well there’s new combos, new characters to fight against, a new approach to vortex due to DWU and a lot of the stuff posted in here before is no longer relevant. I’m not the only one who wants new threads because of these reasons.

GG just now btw Volcanic, I have some pretty good friends who’d love to take on a more offensive Akuma, if you want I can definitely make room to add you to my list for future lobbies.

which one were you? ill have to add u, cuz my list is full

Mine is full too. Will make room next time I’m on. L7 Zero Cool

Thanks everyone for your feedback. @loyalsol is now your new mod. He’ll be handling clean up of the forums! :slight_smile:


So would someone like to compile a list of combos that are relevant to USF4? If someone could do that it would help me a lot.

@kineda‌ ur not gunna b leaving us are you?

Sol I’ll be willing to do it

Ok, when you make the thread let me know and I’ll sticky it.