Thoughts on the Hori Pro V.4 Hayabusa?

Hello, first off I have never bought an arcade stick before. I am finding one for my first stick. I went searching to find one that works for ps4 as well. The only one I found that is out is the v.4 hayabusa. I was wondering if anyone have used this before? The only feed back I found was on the amazon website where only 2 people review and gave 5 stars though they never try on ps4. I have heard hori is very good but this seems like the first ps4 stick so I was wondering if anyone actually used this on ps4. Also is this an octagon gate? Thank you

There is a thread about this already… All you have to do is Search for it and you’ll find it easily.

As for octo-gates – NO, no Japanese joystick on the market ships with an octogate. The default restrictor gate is square unless you’re buying a used joystick from someone who installed an octo-gate in the control lever. You have to buy that part separately and install it yourself unless it’s not available for your model of control lever. The only mass-market controller octo-gates I’m aware of for Japanese controllers are for the Sanwa JLF and the Seimitsu LS-55/-56/-58 series joysticks.

The HRAP V4 uses a Hori control lever, the Hayabusa, which does NOT have an octo-gate available.
It’s a comfortable joystick and many people have been able to use it without mods for an octo-gate.

There’s a whole separate thread on the Hayabusa and if you really want to try to use an octo-gate with the Hayabusa it’s an easy mod. The mod itself is described in the ‘Unboxing’ thread for the Hayabusa. I wouldn’t recommend that, though. Give yourself at least two weeks before you spend $5 plus shipping on an octo-gate.