Thoughts on solo play?

is it even seen? I dont really see myself playing this more than super casually and as such, Im too lazy to learn two characters. Just wanna focus on Jun.

I have plans to solo Unknown when she gets released. But as for being seen, I have seen several solo plays online.

You could always play Jun and Asuka.

You could always play Jun and Asuka.

I have seen so many people playing this team its crazy lol.

I have seen a few people play solo but me myself I find it boring now that tag is possible. I find it fun 2 trying and make 2 characters work together in terms of tag combos and what not

I see so much Jun and Asuka.

I don’t understand it either. Yes, their Tag assaults are damaging, but their offensive game seems one-dimensional and since their lows are so predictable, they’re easily parried.

On topic though, solo play just doesn’t compare to two (slightly diminished) health bars. No contest.

It can be entertaining if you are playing against someone you know, especially if they enjoy the Tekken (or FG’s) in general. A friend and I were having a few casual sessions online:
We used different characters - but then he decides to solo Ogre, while I picked Lars/Jin - I barely won. Then I decided to solo Jinpachi against his King/Lei team and he won despite it being a very close match. You can think of your solo character as if they were… pseudo “boss” characters fighting against others (Jinpachi seems pretty cut and dry, but I think he needs a little space to do damage). I figure it would be okay as long as the player knows exactly what they are doing and they don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Best comment I’ve seen on this so far:

As someone who plays both solo characters and teams, I think there’s merit to both formats. I don’t really see it as an “either/or” situation. In a tournament, I’d probably choose depending on what’s coming up. The dynamics of a character completely change depending on whether they’re alone or with a team. It changes what you poke with, what you punish with, and your overall game plan. I love that kind of freedom. I don’t understand why people are trying to claim that one way is better/weaker than the other, except as a thinly veiled tier discussion (maybe solo Anna is better than team Anna, etc).

Also, I don’t find solo play to be boring at all. If anything, it’s far more tense knowing that I lack the escape and defensive options of a team, even though I do more damage. It forces me to tighten up my own defense knowing that I can’t say “I must go. My planet needs me 2+5”.

I had a made a thread a while ago about this, but I guess its worth restating some stuff. Also see this video: [details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]EOYhbA7ZjB4[/media] [/details]

Its interesting to note that a suggested strategy is to NOT tag assault. This basically defeats the whole purpose of the new tag mechanics of the game because you instantly give them rage by tag assaulting. And another great point being made: “The best counter to a solo character is to solo yourself, but then you’re playing Tekken 6”. Seriously guys this is TEKKEN TAG. Lets get rid of the solo garbage and make this a TAG game.

I’m actually curious as to what you mean by this. The dynamics don’t change at all IMO. You will still poke with the same pokes and still do the same long extended combos, its just you can’t extend it further with a tag. Big deal though because you’re doing the same if not more damage because you’re solo and taking less because you have more HP and it constantly regens.

And before anyone comes into the argument that “Solo character’s barely do more damage” keep in mind the tag characters for some god forsaken reason supposedly get nerfed 20+ health each if facing a solo. Not sure where the logic comes in on that one.

I’m neutral towards this whole thing. At one point I might go solo with say… Asuka or Armor King - then end up fighting with a tag team consisting of things like Lars/Lee, Raven/Yoshi, or Jin/Nina. Something along those lines.
To me… should anyone intend to go solo, it is matter of comfort, situation, and skill. What are you going to do? What is your plan? Do you have your moves and mix-ups squared away? What if… this character shows up? What tricks do you have up your sleeve with your character? What defensive measures will you take in order to claim your win?

I simply look at solo play as just another viable option in case players might not be interested in tag play at the moment. Or maybe they are trying to master a specific character so that they can win at another tournament or event that allows them to utilize solos… or perhaps there is another character that benefits off of you… the player, mastering a specific character. The said character could have been easier to utilize than the one you are trying to solo with online/offline. In either case, players are given vaible options, various ideas, 50+ characters, (perhaps) items, with a nearly countless game play ability and move set.

This might be an intentional reference to the boss battle from T6 - you guys recall fighting a mentally pissed off Jin Kazama in Arcade Mode before Azazel? Hm? Jin Kazama “cheats” by enter “rage” automatically towards the beginning of the round. The character TTT2 conduct a “power stance” if they are up against a tag team (strangely enough, they still have a Netsu state even during the fight). Perhaps this is just an attempt to replicate a “mid boss” fight - It’s like the player is using a mid boss if they go solo. This could generate “hype” somehow, if something like this were to happen offline.

My tag characters are completely different from my solo characters in terms of what I want to do and how I want to do it. For example, Kunimitsu’s ff+2 launcher can be very effective in matches, but it’s really hard to combo after it solo and get meaningful damage. The risk vs reward for that move is skewed against it for solo Kuni. As a team, I can tag buffer it and get very good damage off of it.

Other characters have similar moves that benefit teams moreso than solos. In fact, tataki made an interesting thread exploring this exact concept. To me, when a change is such that it makes certain moves more or less effective, that’s an important thing to note. That changes the dynamic.

Of course that’s not the only change. Solo characters don’t have the same level of wall-carry as teams, they don’t have raw tag evasion, and they don’t have the ability to take away red life. Don’t these also change a character’s dynamic?

Respectfully, no. This is not correct at all.

Solo play requires less strategy and skill than Tag play. Solo players do not have to worry about when to tag out. When launching an opponent they simply need to do a max damage solo juggle or wall carry.

Having a huge regenerating life bar >>> strategic tag outs. It takes 4-5 tag buffered combos to kill a solo character with no walls. A raged solo character can do 60% of a life bar and pretty much force a character to tag out. That huge life bar allows solo players to make a lot more mistakes that a tag player can’t afford to make.

Tag players have to be very conscious of when to tag out and how to do it safely. They have to choose between normal tag and tag crash. Likewise, when launching an opponent, they need to decide between doing a solo juggle, tag buffered juggle, and/or tag assault juggle in addition to deciding whether to go for max damage or wall carry. Tag players have to investigate what kind of synergy each pair of characters offers.

Pokes and punishers don’t change based on solo or tag…because execution frames, hit frames, and block frames on moves remain the same. Kaz always whiff punishes with EWGF and punishes -10 moves with 112. He always goes for max damage in solo mode, whereas in tag mode he has to decide between tag buffer or tag assault as well.

Kunimitsu is a bad example of a character that suffers in solo. She has great wall carry, solid damage, and great wake-ups. ff2 should be used to whiff punish, not to gamble. An unsafe launcher is an unsafe launcher. Considering that Kuni has a bigger life bar in solo mode ff2 is actually less of a risk. Solo Raged Kuni gets sick damage off ff2, f+3+4, wall carry. Normal Kuni gets around 50% damage without any rage.

Some characters are better in solo mode than others, mainly because they can abuse rage better. Likewise some characters have better tag buffer and tag assault options than others. Since Solo play allows for so many more mistakes, it actually makes people worse players. The weaknesses of solo play aren’t really exposed until higher levels of play when people use max damage tag assaults and tag buffers. You can win pretty easily with solo up until marauder rank. At that point, people know how to wall carry properly, and they are very good about using tag buffer against solo.

Overall solo is a scrubby way to play, and should be avoided if you’re genuinely trying to get good at the game. It’s probably going to get nerfed in the first patch anyways.

Was thinking of a good way to balance this out. Best way I feel is to remove Rage from the solo player as well as the extra damage. All they should have is bonus life. Hell i’d up the bonus life even more if the downed the extra damage from the solo.