Thoughts on Qanba Q4RAF

So this baby just arrived today. Seems to be working great, so far it feels sturdier and heftier than a Madcatz Fightstick Pro I was using before. I’m just curious on what others’ experiences have been with these sticks. I haven’t seen too many reviews (decent ones at least). I did notice that every once in a while the joystick will squeak and in some cases it feels like it has a little bit of drag. I think it might be because the stick was sitting on the shelf for a while and maybe the lubrication wore of or something? If anyone has any suggestions to that let me know please. I might do a bit of an extensive review once I get more familiar with it, if anyone’s interested.

This was/is my first stick. The only complaints I know about it are the side door being a bit weak and easy to break if you’re not careful.

Otherwise it’s been a damn good stick to me. I even managed to recently do my first modding job on mine and make it look pretty awesome.

There’s also a giant Qanba thread here though that might be more what you’re looking for for this sort of thing: