Thoughts on PPP & KKK buttons

I have a mad catz TE stick and i often find myself using the PPP & KKK buttons for ultras, certain EX moves and feinting when playing C.viper.
I was just wondering if it is considered scrubby to use them as opposed to pressing the three separate buttons and if they are frowned upon like using turbo

if it’s a function in the game, who gives a damn what anyone else thinks? no one but you should care about how you do your thing

Nah it’s fine. Like any other shortcut, you may just end up ultraing if you don’t have clean inputs. I’m pretty sure some top players use those buttons for reliability.

Edit: The thing is, what happens if you go to an arcade and there’s no 3P/3K buttons. Play somewhere and there’s no 3P/3K buttons on their sticks(6 buttons not 8). That’s what you gotta think about.

I use the PPP buttons for feinting with viper as well. It’s a bad habit imo and I should learn how to feint without them but it’s just easier.

If you only play at home, then it doesn’t matter.

If you want to play at the arcade, those buttons won’t be there to save you.

It’s personal preference. Like Neber said, there isn’t any 3P/3K at the arcades(if there are even any where you live). I personally don’t use them. In fact, I just bought Art’s 6 button plexi. XD

Well if it works it isnt a problem. But playing some other characters the 3k and 3p buttons can mess up things if you use them for ex like Juris ex fireball for example

Well it’s less skilful than using arcade layout, but accepted.

I have never used them since I got an arcade stick. I actually disabled them on both button configs and when my friends came over to play they hated that they weren’t mapped. However I think they thank me for it.

I use them on pad, since 1995 on Alpha 1 PSX.

I don’t think there’s anything immoral or unfair about it. However, if you can’t hit three adjacent buttons at once reliably it may be time to put some work into your execution.

ppp and kkk?

anyone who uses one button to press three buttons is a fucking scrub. plain and simple

though that mindset varies depending on the game in question

Huh, sometimes I do it out of laziness… I can do the button inputs simultaneously with or without the macro… mashing 3 buttons isn’t that hard lol…

If you are in an arcade setting then you are just out of luck if you only know how to do it that one way…

PPP and KKK don’t really do anything, I don’t get why people get so upset over them. I just don’t use them because slamming all three buttons is mad cool, and so I don’t confuse myself.

I used them initially on my TE, but in the long run I ended up disabling them and just using the 6 button layout.

The reason for this was that I had to move my hand over slightly to hit the 3P button as it was uncomfortable to reach up to it with my pinky, 3K was fine. Unfortunately, the 2 characters I play use the 3P button and not the 3K, so I disabled them and taught myself to play without them, and let me tell you I don’t regret this in the least. My hand remains in roughly the same spot at all times now so it’s more comfortable, but not just that, now that I am comfortable with 6 button, combos that use either an EX special or FADC or both into Ultra are far easier because I don’t need to move my hand over to execute the ultra.

Keeping your hand in one spot makes your timing far more consistent, as muscle memory for moving your entire hand over slightly is not nearly as easy as say training your fingers to do a link.

True. It pretty much ruins MvC2.

I guess that makes Valle and the rest of the top so cal players who use them scrubs then?

It’s actually more scrubby to not take an advantage granted to you based on some unwritten sense of honor. To say you dont use them because you don’t need them is stupid, even if 99/100 times you don’t mess up the 3PPP, that one time you do would not have happened using a macrod button. And if you are ALLOWED to use the button, and you don’t, then you’ve already succumbed to the scrub mindset without even realizing it (i.e. no throws! they’re cheap)

That being said, I have those buttons plugged up on my stick, only because the 8 buttons throws off my game when my hands shift and I press something thinking it’s a different button. But I acknowledge thats because 6 buttons works for my game better, not because I have some honorable reason not to use the extra 2.

I’ve considered binding one to throw just to make Makotos Feint combos easier

They are definitely good for pad users. Which is why I use them. If I’m using an arcade stick, I just hit all three buttons.

Real OG motherfuckers will play with 6 buttons because the game was designed that way and it’s just how they learned to play. 99% of SF4 players learned this game on Madcatz sticks on a home console so they play 8 button. Due to my remote location, I can almost guarantee that I will never set foot into an arcade that has SF4, I’ve only ever played on my own stick, so I play 8.

Try it with 6, if you like it, great. If you like 8, great. Don’t let some stupid shit like video game honor get in the way of enjoying the game. Do what you need to do to make your game better. The only exception to this rule is tournament rule breaking shit like turbos and macros.

Using any macro will eventually put you at a disadvantage. Macros are designed to make things easier and faster.