Thoughts On Akuma in Tekken 7?

So, any general thoughts on Akuma being in Tekken 7? Just anything you want to say really, whether it’s story related, talking about how he’ll translate to a 3D fighting game, etc.

They can have him and keep him. He’s the worst thing to happen to street fighter.

I’m not saying you’re wrong but what makes him so terrible?

His fanbase. He tends to attract the worst combination of cringeworthy adolescents/lifetime scrubs. ST version was purposely broken and rightfully banned, was fine in 3s, good but generally fine in 4. It’s not the gameplay that’s the problem, its the players. xxxXXXDemonoftheRagingHelfireXXXxxx types.

Oh, well, now that you mention the fanbase, well yeah, he is pretty obnoxious. There are tons of nice guys playing him like JR, Tokido, but online there are a lot of who you mentioned, the “edgy” SF fans. He’s a fine character and I really like him in 3S but he’s pretty much a magnet for little kids who want to be the “Awesome Ryu”.