Thought id drop this here: petition for xbl

sorry if its not in the right forum, but i figured to find the biggest audience is here.

Come on dude. If you’re going to make an online petition, which never works and has zero chance of being taken seriously by anyone with influence, at least go all out. Just Xbox? The port used in SFAC? Should’ve mentioned 100% arcade perfect port, console training options, improved GGPO netcode, and on PSN too. And spellcheck that mofo like there’s no tomorrow.

edit - this isnt supposed to be sarcastic or mean

Why dont you just play on GGPO or even 2DF?

I’m with Gaijinblaze. In all aspects of life.

well sorry for taking some serverspace then, but hey, at least some people are trying SOMETHING… i do get what youre saying tho.