Those who have played Street Fighter V beta on PC

Did your first gen madcatz te sticks still work?..cause i don’t want to buy a new stick.

x-input sticks worked, ps3/4 sticks didn’t.

so any xbox360 stick should be fine.

All my sticks worked after I used x360ce program.

I don’t agree with that statement, I rather use the newer PS3/PS4 sticks over any of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One stick. No driver issues and the FULL use of your stick.
If the new SF V Beta does not take HID class PnP controllers that the fault of the game not the stick (I always had low opinions and expectations of any PC version of Street Fighter).

As for First gen Mad Catz TE sticks see the following thread

I dont understand why you hit me with a disagree, I just provided facts for the beta that he asked for. Did you play the beta on PC like I did? Were you able to get PS3-4 sticks to work without a 3rd party program?

I used 2 different xbox360 sticks without any driver issues. I use xbox360 sticks for ultra sf4 on pc also without “driver issues”.

Used the PS360+ and the PS3 and 4 selection wasnt even recognized by the game. I had to use the Xbox360 selection for it to recognize the stick.

You provide a (what I assume is a first person) witness account of what happen not substantiated fact.
And there factors that could come into play that could ether prove your account or disprove it.
Hence I am perfectly in my right to repress my skepticism of your claim. Hence why I clicked DISAGREE.

Also every Street Fighter PC game has a long history of issues on the PC which has been verified.

Ask anyone if they were able to get PC SF V beta to recognize any PS3 or PS4 stick without a 3rd party program, then ask about X-input controllers. Its probably why Hori is making the newest fight commander with an X-input selection.

Its not a driver issue.

I haven’t seen SF 4 have problems since Vanilla (with joysticks) and the ranked match making when they changed over to steam from games for windows.

Stop assuming without knowing anything.

I assume everything that can’t be accounted for, its part of the trouble shooting process.
As you are assuming now how Hori is handling their future engineering and marketing.

I also never said anything about drivers.

Also to this day I still have people coming to me for help with Street Fighter IV for the PC, some are legitimate concerns and some are idiots.

Tested 2 Qanba Fusion and 1 Razer Onza (not a stick). On Windows 7 SP1.

They all worked correctly with no external software.

Just read the steam forums about it.

I believe the OP asked for people who played SF V beta to help him, did you play it?

The Razer is for Xbox 360 and the Qanba is dual modded, were you able to use the PS3 selection on SFV?

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