Thor UMVC3 changes

The lack of action in this forum makes me cry :frowning: Anyways went to PAX this weekend, these are the changes I noticed with thor. Again maybe its because I didn’t play MvC3 for a week before PAX but things seemed much faster for Thor. Could be an overall gameplay overhaul but for now this is what i noticed.

-Almost all special moves sped up a bit. Every special move seemed to get a tiny bit of a boost in startup so hes less vulnerable when attempting to do a move.
-Mighty Spark L much faster and does more hits. I messed around with this move, the hitbox around Moljiner itself seems to be much bigger and the L version of mighty spark seems to have longer active hitbox. So if anyone tries to jump over your mighty spark shot and touches Moljiner, they’re gonna get hit. Nice small buff here. Animation looked slightly different on the lightning effects.
-Air Mighty tornado xx X-factor xx Mighty tornado does an obsene amount of damage. Air X-factor has definitely helped Thor out.
-Mighty Thunder seems to comes out quicker. No one attempted to stuff that hyper out when I used it but it seemed to startup much quicker.
-Mighty Hurricane whiff animation seemed less than vanilla. I missed a few mighty hurricane grabs and Thor seemed to recover quicker.
-Randy Savage elbow priority reduced. I’m not sure what the “priority” or hurtbox of his falling elbow was in vanilla but in UMvC3 it was trading much more often. Usually the elbow would beat out a lot of launchers but in UMvC3 I was trading frequently with launchers as well as other normals from a good portion of the cast. Not sure why Thor needed this nerf but its gonna change up how frequently you can dash in and elbow the crap out of people.

  • Air dash is faster. Was able to air dash much quicker and he flies much faster. Not sure if its speed or how soon he can interrupt his air dash but something is definitely different about it.

This is all I noticed sofar. If anyone else found changes or knows of any post them here!

No offense, as im not saying you are wrong, but slight speed boosts seem pretty speculative and hard to judge by one person. Like some other guy thought the air dash was faster from the gamescon build, but the we watched it and it was exactly the same. Maybe it is faster but it would seem weird, for it to be since its already fast… maybe they changed how fast his jump moves upwards and thats why it seems that way?

Light spark alway had a big hitbox around the hammer, thats how it gets multiple hits, I guess it’d be cool if the startup hitbox got bigger and hit crouchers now, otherewise doesn’t seem that good.

Once again not saying you are wrong, but slight speed changes always seem suspect.

Yeah I don’t blame you. I did say in the beginning I hadn’t played in a while so maybe that was why he felt faster to me.

In terms of the dash I guess its not that he can dash faster but he seems to be able to interrupt his air dash earlier. Like With Thor Id usually do - Fly, air dash :df: air dash :uf:air dash :df: air dash :uf: just to move him faster across the screen. Well I felt like I was able to mash that out even faster than usual. He didn’t need to start slowing down before he could dash again in other words. Normally with vanilla you had to wait for him to slow down slightly towards the end of the air dash in order for you to be able to dash with him again and get good distance but this time i could interrupt faster and still go almost the same distance. Streams and youtube vids make it hard to judge though, its gotta be something you try out in your hands.

For Light spark the hitbox looks visibly bigger, maybe to match how the hitbox really was? Also it does more hits when they touch moljiner. In vanilla it would do a few hits and they would jump right out of it, but it now feels like M Spark where it keeps them there a while when they touch it on startup. I know I’m not imagining this in particular as I’ve been playing with Thor since day 1. And yeah sadly it can still be ducked by a lot of characters or walked under by 2 or 3 (assuming rocket racoon can now)

I can confirm a few things, as I was there and had played a shit load of Thor the night before (vanilla).

[]His low short is much much faster, but that has already been noted in other changelists
]Mighty Spark L comes out faster for sure, as well as being more safe. I’m guessing its because of the hit box changes but my opponent jumped my beam and was hit by the hammer sparks. Said spark seemed to have high priority as it stuffed my opponents attack.
[]The timing for the aerial combo seemed a bit faster then before, which makes me think his air normals lost a bit of hit stun
]Elbow drop got nerfed bad sad face. Lower priority like Naoki said but it seems to come out A LOT slower.
[*]I didn’t fly around too much with him so I cant confirm that.
All in all, Thor is looking pretty good! A lot of the things I complained about have been fixed.
For Asgard!!

I won $100 at the capcom store in one of the umvc tournaments with Thor (and took the main mvc3 tournament with Thor as well), but I honestly didn’t notice any major changes to him. Spark has always been his most reliable AA, and it didn’t feel different to me.

I think the most noticeable changes to his gameplay are the global damage scaling increase off of throws (x-factor combo after a normal throw only inflicted about 40%!) and the air x-factor. Fans are still sleeping on Thor, but Capcom isn’t.

Good lookin’ out you guys. Air X-Factor for the Tornado sounds great. I’ve always felt that the Randy Savage elbow wasn’t as safe a move as everyone made it out to be because whenever I used it, it got traded a lot, so I started canceling it to my mighty strikes. Looks like I’ll be doing more of the same with that. Things look to be really shaping up. Can’t wait to see how he meshes with some of the newer characters. Nova and Strange in particular.

"When I asked Seth if his main man Thor got any love, he laughed and said, “No, right this second Thor isn’t much different.” "


Anybody test out his assists invincibility?

The Mighty Smash and Mighty Spark assists are not invincible in the PAX build. I didn’t test Mighty Strike.

That’s not right man! They have to give him something. Not much just something more than more range on air MH.

I just saw this. I sincerely hope they give Thor a lookover. Like probably everyone else on this forum I love the character and play him alot, but let’s face it he’s just got some weaknesses that are too easily exploited by a lot of the cast. Among other things I hope Mighty Punish gets a much longer reach.

I was wondering when this thread would be made. And yes I must agree, Thor does have his tricks, but his weaknesses are easily exploited on autopilot with quite a few characters. I seem to be having a hard dealing with small characters like morrigan, difficult to combo and easily slow around thors attack hitboxs quite vexing.

But yes, as I would imagine, air xfc benefits thor QUITE a bit I would imagine. How’s the range on his MH, I heard they got bigger.

SIDE NOTE: isn’t jumping :h: a hammer drop?

j.H is the meaty elbow drop. j.S is the hammer downward strike, with stagger against ground opponents on counterhit.

Air Mighty Hurricane range is quite good when I tested at the EVO build. Mixup with j.A,B,S loop and fully charged Mighty Strikes for good stuff.

Can anyone confirm if Mighty Thunder pushes back on block?

ANY and all Mighty Thunder news would be appreaciated. That move needs serious help.

I hope they fix all the issues I have with Thor in UMvC3 otherwise I might drop him and stop trying to make a team around him.

I’ll never drop Thor. In the face of all the Vergil’s, Strider’s, Firebrand’s, Wesker’s, and every other top tier character, Thor will always reign supreme. But I really, really, really want faster normrals, better Mighty Thunder, and an invincible hammer throw move.

I want faster normals, some kind of armor if normals aren’t faster, better Mighty Thunder (like everyone else), and the hit box on ground Mighty Sparks to be extended downward so that it can hit crouching opponents. Also, depending on how I like the new characters I might add them to my team to help out Thor, I’m thinking Ghost Rider for right now.

The more I take with Thor, the less I think he needs faster normals. The longer range on his Mighty Hurricane is huge which has been confirmed, as the reset potential with him is increased… and any Thor player knows one reset is all it takes to kill a character.

Also the air X-factor automatically makes him dangerous, maybe more so than any other character.

I think Capcom might be scared that if they give him faster normals he’ll be too powerful.

Seems to me that they want him to rely on a Dr. Doom or Ammy assist to get him in, because he’s so strong and has zoning capabilities and air mobility that Hulk does not have, and health that Sentinel doesn’t have. If you were to make anything faster it would prob be his mighty strike or smash, which takes too long to come out.

His mighty hurricane needs to be his go-to move, and needs to be feared, so any way to make that better should be what change should be made. I think Capcom wants the MH to be the feared go-to move.

Oh yeah and that mighty thunder needs to be better. I don’t know why they gave it no pushback. If they insist on giving it no push back they should let recover faster to give Thor an opportunity to hurricane.

EDIT: Forgot to add that I head from Honzo that Thor’s cara throw is easier. If that’s true that is a HUGE addition.

Give him a frame one invincible move, maybe make MP a frame 1 invincible super, I’ve been hit out of it before, which is annoying. And people can catch you rare occasions by firing random supers, thor has a hard time punishing that. Give him something to punish other than up close. Decrease the recovery on his normals if whiffed, that’s all.