This woman is the nintendo wii killer

i know, kotaku, lololol, but i found funny this article
This Woman Is The Nintendo Wii Killer

Would smash.

Years later: That was a pun everyone missed. Smash Brothers. Like she’d Smash the Wii. Not that “I would smash.”

God, I hoper the wii does die. It’s not a bad idea and I have owned pretty much every Nintendo product at one point or the other, but the novelty does wear off. They have gone from a great company to a one that comes out with some goofy-ass gimmicky bullshit.

What if she blogs about having sex with you?

Your penis would probably fall off…


I’ll risk it :cool:

That’s right, it’s better to have tried and lost than to have died a virgin.

i hope she doesnt play/like street fighter and mahvel

How the fuck would you know?

she’s japanese…bitch probably SRK’d outta the womb, through her mom’s chest like an Alien chestburster.

worse case scenario if u fuck her, u apparantly just break some ribs and lose your job or some shit.

Meanwhile, I’m more imagining a line from an old Eddie Murphy routine and he’d more likely contract the upcoming STD where your dick just blows up on contact.

i hope she does, :razz:

Can we get her to mention Eventhubs on her blog?

Cmon SRK, some ya’ll know Japanese. GET ON THIS.

How is the wii exactly being killed?

selling low this period aparently, plus with the true next gen consoles releasing their move controls, the wii, doesnt have a bright future

Non-news, excuse to show tiggle bittys, can’t even get mad.

I wonder if posting her on there will actually kill Kotaku.

crosses fingers

Not exactly true and I wouldn’t blame this on some hex. If anything she’s a good luck charm compared to last gen where they were dead last with the gamecube. With the Wii they’re in a comfortable first place.

One can hope. Maybe they’ll kill themselves by posting crap stories like this one.

Would smash…with potential nub.

Hope the Wii doesn’t die. Every fucking body seems to be on the Kinect bandwagon

Thats cuz Xbox is da hip console so now motion control is ok.