This Wednesday, Dec. 19th - Mech's house!

old topic yadda yadda see a new one or some shit

Kinda short notice, but I may be able to show up. I’ve got a DC dedicated stick and a spare PS2 pcb. I could make an x-box one, but why would I do that when we’ve got 3s, MVC2, and ST?

To um… play Neowave? :sweat: :lol:

Airthrow and I will be over tomorrow. He should arrive at my place around 12:30PM. I’m gonna bring Pablo’s other T5 stick with me. If Pablo doesn’t show up tomorrow, could someone please take it with them and pass it on to him the next time they see him? I’ll also bring a PSX => DC converter with me, so we’ll be set for that Marvel/ST goodness.

Looking forward to my money match with Kuenai. How about, first to 10 for $1 each in MvC2 and ST? Since you claim to be broke.

I’m diseased, so I don’t think I can make it tomorrow

I should be fine by Friday though hopefully

Sounds good. I’m more broke from driving down there than anything :rofl: After Portland, my liesure budget’s GONE.

I think I might get in on this MM action and take on people in ST… hehehe

So Blake says that he is now coming over. He’s got to do some soldering work on my refurbished MAS, then we should be heading over. Sorry for the delay.

I forgot that this was today. However, it seems that the jobless bums will be in full force.

Are you included in the jobless bums?

No problem guys.

Don’t think I can make it, some ish I gotta take care of at work.

Aight, get that gwop… I don’t work early tomorrow so I don’t gotta kick people out early. I’ll probably post in here when I do.

NICE block!

Outfits are officially described as food or drink items now. There are a few exceptions (asphalt flavored roo, christmas roo).

julian’s boxer is strawberry banana boxer

i figured out what mine is - IT’S CANTELOUPE. i can’t believe carrot flavored boxer is all i could think of, it’s so obviously canteloupe boxer.

tangerine chun is the only worthy chun outfit

my epic chartreuse deejay is another exception to the food and drink rule

daiquiri ice roo seems to be a popular choice, though i much prefer lemon lime flavored roo

watermelon honda took me so long to find after I picked it the first time

good shit :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

P.S. I promise next time my bathroom will be clean so I can fit your gay guy stereotype :lol:

Thanks for hosting games till the AM hours.

My pleasure. I appreciate having people to neutral jumping short on. That is the rawest normal in the game.

Thanks for having us Elias, I have the most fun at your house due to your cool cats, comfortable ass couch and easy access to local hookers. :karate:

Let’s hope Beaseley NEVER sees this video:

Pffft he probably knows every trick there… glad my couch is comfy though. I’ve had my eye out for more seating but I’ve come across nothing. My boyfriend’s supposedly getting a new couch someday and when he does I’m taking his old one and making a couch corner and rearranging, but until then, a few of us are doomed to back pain. :lol: