THIS SUNDAY! 2 Tournys Game Underground Video Game and Music Fest Foxboro MA 6/27

WAAF and the US Army Present:

Game Underground Video Game and Music Festival!!!
Sunday June 27th Showcase Live, Foxboro MA!

An all day event featuring Cash Prizes tournaments for

Super Street Fighter 4
Halo 3
Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl… See More
Tekken 6
Rock Band guitar only
Guitar Hero Metallica guitar only

Musical Performances by

Metalliham (New England’s Best Metallica Tribute Band)
Jesus Candy (download our song on RBN in April!)

Immediately following the Tournaments will be a huge concert IN THE SAME ROOM AS THE GAME SETUPS! So you can continue to play the games for fun in a non competitive atmosphere while rocking out to some awesome bands! (music games have their own room so you can hear your tournament!)

Showcase live is AMAZING it features 3 HUGE Projector screens for the main events, food, and a full bar for those of you 21+.

Tickets are only $20 and are available NOW on and at the Showcase Live Box Office!

Super Street Fighter IV Prizes are

1st $200
2nd $100
3rd $50

  • Double Elimination
  • Double Jeopardy - The same match can’t happen twice in the tournament unless it’s unpreventable.
  • PS3
  • 2 out of 3 until finals
  • Winners, losers and grand finals 3 out of 5
  • No cheats or hacks
  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)
  • No Characters are banned

This money is Guaranteed by Showcase Live the venue this event is being held at.

********WE HAVE ADDED A SECOND POT-BASED Super Street Fighter IV Touranment!! *******
This tournament will be an additional $10 to be paid at the venue.

1st 70% of all the entrance fees for this tournament!
2nd 30% of all the entrance fees for this tournament!
3rd 10% of all the entrance fees for this tournament!

We will not be taking a cut from the pot tournament… it is 100% going to the prizes!


The winner of the first tournament will play the winner of the second tournament for a $50 Bonus (best 3 out of 5) on the MAIN STAGE in between the band’s performances!!!

(if the same person wins both tournaments… the 2nd place players from each tournament will play each other to see who faces the first place player)



Check out the radio ad that will be on WAAF:
The best single day event imaginable
$20 covers it all!
A full day of tournament play / friendlies followed by an amazing concert! Who says you have to stop playing during the concert? I don’t. If you ask me playing Street Fighter during a concert in the same room sounds INCREDIBLE


To buy your tickets now!

Hey guys I’ve been talking about this event with Jamie and heres my opinion. I want this event to do well, as well as possible, but there are obvious problems. Mainly concerning the prize pool layout. You didn’t read it incorrectly, its $200 for 1st $100 for 2nd $50 for 3rd and this is not a pot tournament. Please do not go to this tournament expecting a pot and prize, thats not what Jamies trying to do. Jamie was asked by WAAF to run a massive tournament sponsored by them, and if this turns out big enough they’ll fully be behind sponsoring the next event! That means a major for Massachusetts.

So if your thinking of going to this, this is what you shouldn’t expect:
Massive prize money for top 3

This is what you should expect:
A great venue and tournament in a real venue meant for public events, not just video games.
The ability to support GameUnderground that will lead to a MA major.
Just a great time with SSF4 players.

Whoever decides to go to this will be supporting me, the store and the MA scene. Our eventual goal is to be able to pay back GameUnicon players and make a great event for MA, which we are taking the first steps to achieving.

I’ll be there for the ssf4, but how does it work if you want to play in other events, do you need to buy additional tickets?

Cool see you there! The other “Major Tournaments” listed will be taking place at the same time as SF so you can’t enter more than one… however there will be some other side tournaments happening on the spot…

On that note…

I have been discussing adding an additional second SSFIV Tournament that will be an additional $10 to be paid at the venue… It would be a pot tournament with 100 percent of the entrance fees going to the pot. I think this may make this closer to what people are used to!

My original intention was to keep the cost of attending this to only $20 but by adding a second Pot tournament we get the best of both worlds… then if you WANT to you can pay for a bigger prize tournament but you are not forced to pay more than the original $20 if you don’t want to. This will also allow people that enter the other tournaments to enter this second SF tournament!

Finally, I am also thinking of doing a main event where the winner of the first tournament plays the winner of the second tournament in a $50 Bonus Money Match on the main stage either just before Powerglove or Metalliham perform… I think that would be SICK! (There would be a stipulation where if you win both tournaments there would be a match between the 2 runner ups to determine who is in the Bonus Match)

What do you guys think? It seems like this would make people more interested in attending this!

is ssf4 on ps3 or 360?

says ps3 in the first post

Check the top post! We added a 2nd pot tournament AND a Grand Final $50 bonus match in between bands!!!

dumb question but now i’m a little confused. first i thought you had to buy the ticket to enter (don’t worry i haven’t yet, want to clear this up first), but then on ticket master it says to show up at a specific time to sign up. are the tickets just for spectators? because i wish to attend as a fighter :smiley:

You buy the Street Fighter Ticket and that gets you into the whole event including the concert AND your entrance into the tournament. When you get there that day you must bring your ticket to the Tournament Organizer and he will put you into the bracket with whatever name you want to use.

can we buy a ticket day of (at the doors) or do we have to order the ticket early

I just realized I’m gonna be driving in cape traffic back to foxboro sunday so idk if i’ll make it. If i can i would have to buy the ticket there. Also any idea when ssf4 will start? If it’s any earlier than like 2 I probably won’t make it.

You can definitely buy your ticket at the door!

The first tournament starts at noon. YOU MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 1145!!!

There will be a second tournament that will happen after the first tournament. I am assuming it will be around 3. You should be able to make that one! You will have to pay the $20 to get in and then the extra $10 to enter that tournament.

bump for today!

This was fun.

Need to learn Dhalsim match up lol.