This pcb needs male connectors,right?

:wgrin: i know … dumb question but am i right? i just have to find a place in this shitty city who sells them! :wasted:

Er… Yes. And don’t they normally come with them?

The one with the pins on it is the male one.
The one with the holes in it is the female one.

thx both… yes normali yes but i lost the wires with the connectors so i have to buy them again… so i need the one without the pins so i need the females…gotcha

Remember, the male always does the poking.

It’s not as simple as walking into your local electronics shop and ask for male or female connectors. You have to find the exact type or the housings won’t fit the headers on the PCB. Multipole wire-to-board connectors (which non-experts call “molex”) differ for a lot of features, too many to mention. For instance, have you noticed that the two vertically oriented headers have a finer pitch than the other ones? That means they belong to different families (of the same manufacturer in this case). To cut a long story short, I can tell you right away what they are (dealing with connectors is part of my job):

The horizontally oriented connectors (in your pic) are JST XH:
Since that PCB is a cheap Chinese product, the headers on it are also likely to be Chinese knockoffs:

The vertically oriented ones are JST PH:
Chinese Knockoff:

Let me tell you though that you’re not likely to find any of the above (originals or knockoffs) in any mom & pop electronics shop. You’d have to look through the catalogs of big distros such as Farnell, RS-components, Digikey, etc.

And even if you manage to get a hold of 'em, you’ll have to face the final difficulty: crimping extra small contacts, which in case of the 2.0mm pitch is particularly hard and beyond any noob.

I used this connection (JST PH) myself recently for an EX2 stick mod and I know what I’m talking about:

ah… ok… i will keep the pcb as it is then… it works so i won’t bother anymore about connectors & etc :slight_smile:

You can try to find extra small pc jumper pins, you can solder one wire into one end and then wedge the jumper into the header. Try to find an old hard drive you may have laying around and see if the pin jumpers on the back to control slave/master, try to see if they fit in there, and if so go to an electronics store. Used that on my Dreamcast agetec pcb.

Most jumpers you see are made for 2.54mm pitch headers, and I doubt they will work on 2mm pitch. They’ll be too wide to get two in next to each other.

i c …thx guys… i m asking to akihabara shop if they can find some of them …if not well it doesnt really matter since the pcb as it works (i just can’t wire two buttons but my stick is 4 buttons layout so…)

just a quick question…
if i buy these wires from akihabarashop:
KV0.3 Cable
and these pins:
Thin Pin
*For wire: 0.12-0.40mm2, 26-22 AWG.
*Wire insulation diameter: 1.20-2.01mm.

can i just put the wires and the pins together and insert the pins+wires on the empty spaces of the connector of the pcb as showd in the pic:


if that’s possible, can i use a bit of glue to fasten the pins+wires to the pcb? and if thats possible too,later when i 'll find those connectors can i unglue everything without damaged the pcb?

i’m sorry but i don’t know anything about technical names so i hope you will understand me anyway

here i am again…

i found these Crimp Terminal Housing on the internet:

and some Crimp Terminal from the same company…

even though they are not the same as the sitong one, do you guys think they might fit my pcb? they have 5 holes as the one i need… please help me out :smile: