This may be a dumb question

but since 3rd party controllers and fightsticks are allowed in tournaments,
are keyboards allowed also?

There are keyboard sticks, as well as keyboard-type sticks.

show me…


sorry just all threw highschool i played alot of fighters on keyboard in my tech class in highschool, kinna was a big thing then.
used to love shooter games but the scene has died… it seems and looks like fighters are on the rise again and id like to maybe try and get back into it. been trying to play mvc3 and mk9 with a ps3 pad but its kinna impossible… slow thumbs i have, and arcade sticks are quite expensive i see. and well keyboards i already had and the mod box’s for them to be recognized by consoles are pretty cheap. so … any suggestions?

No keyboards
No pads
Sticks only
Final destination

huh? this is america… sentences mug…

I don’t see why they should be banned as long as theres no macro inputs or stuff like that.

hmm i checked with evo. they said keyboards are allowed. but theres probly other tourneys that do not.
the deal is why ppl would reject them mostly… is the converters… some of the converters you can program macros into…
but thats very obvious when someone is pressing one button to put on a 15 hit combo on you.
I’ve always played with a keyboard. I’m thinkin of order this converter… but it is a converter that you could program macros into it a believe… im not positive… its a 100 bucks…

But i do know of a converter that is 150 bucks and has a Lcd screen on it and you do all your programming off of it… you dont have to hook your converter to the pc to set you configs… so… if i have to ill just buy that one… sadly right now that one is only functional for the 360 console. The 100 dollar converter is capable for both systems.

If you can modify your keyboard to be recognized as a valid controller on any console, and it somehow also doesn’t allow you to do any macros that the game itself doesn’t intend you to do, then by all means bring your keyboard.

I suggest you go to Tech Talk to see what your options are for keyboard-style input devices.

I would think so.

Would there ever be a controller that’s considered to be too good for fighting games and would be banned?

Well the deal is on the converter … theres many brands of converters… but ive seen on a few where you can program a key to input any of the gameinputs at whatever seconds you want them to be inputted in the game… so for instance on one of the converters… i saw i can set awsd to left,up,down,right … and ABXY set as h,u,j,k, … and LB,RB to y,o … and LT,RT, set to alt,spacebar

so that is the control you configs… then theres a macros tab in the programming of the converter
you can set the macro to the #0 and you can make like list of 20 commands and set them to input at what ever hundreds of a second you would like… the best recommendation is to set them at .3 hundreds of a second.
then you press one button and all those commands are inputted

thats why i can see how ppl would outlaw the conversion with the keyboard. but not all converters are programmable with the macro option.

i myself wouldnt use a macro… its a fighting game its meant to be challenging and competitive. not like im playing wow or rift or someother mmorpg where your having to press up to 30 differnt button combinations in the matter of seconds