This item is sold, please lock thread

Up for sale is a used Nintendo 3DS with SSF4, Zelda-OoT and a Nyco Charge Kit for $200, shipped. Original 3DS dock and battery will also be included. All of it is in great condition, I’ll post photos when I get home.

Also, I’ll shave off $30 if someone picks up and ships me a KidRobot Evil Ryu figure from Comic Con. Hit me up if you’re interested and for sure going to Comic Con. Obviously, I don’t expect anyone to have the figure right now.

humm my daughter does not need one since she has a ds lite and a dsi but are you looking for any trades ?

Dibs on this for my housemate (you guys do that here?)-- he’ll pick it up so long as the unit looks good after seeing pics. Will check pics/pay after he gets back from work tonight.

If Q87 doesn’t take it I might if it is still around on Friday.

You guys wouldn’t happen to be going to Comic Con?

Are you going to evo? Ill buy it there.

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Nah, it would need to be shipped. Can send payment as soon as you get pics up, though.

Sure, no problems. Your housemate first in line. You guys are in the States right? Just wanna make sure.

We are!

Alrighty, photos posted. Check em out and lemme know if you’re still interested.

He just wants to know if there are any dead pixels-- if not, we’re a-go on the deal.

edit: what’s your paypal address?

he is selling one for 50 shipped

Alrighty, it’s been sold. I’ll update the title accordingly in a bit.

Edit: Turns out that I don’t remember how to edit the title. I swear that option was available.

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