"This is your demise!" Oni High Level Video Thread

This thread is for high level Oni videos only. Please post general videos of Oni in “It takes practice to fully transcend humanity” Oni General Video Thread.

YouTube - Oni: Intro and Tactics

Oni Tutorials

Pvp Videos



http://bit.ly/l1NZBG (Oni footage starts at 5:20 )
http://bit.ly/jgnCyG SSF4: AE Game Grid Renzo (Oni) vs Reno Fresh (SAK, EH) R2W
http://bit.ly/jz8oT4 (SSF4 AE - rekkaTEC [Kuruoshiki Oni] vs Oni)
http://bit.ly/kP5LyK (SSF4 AE - rekkaTEC [Kuruoshiki Oni] vs Fei Long )
http://bit.ly/mK5zd5 (R.I.P China town Fair Evil Ryu (??) Vs Oni (??)
http://bit.ly/lCVk0Q (R.I.P Chinatown Fair Evil Ryu (??) vs Oni (??) pt 2 )
http://bit.ly/iNFgxM (R.I.P Chinatown Fair Oni vs Adon Pt 3 )
http://bit.ly/jKjaEj R.I.P Chinatown Fair Evil Ryu vs ONI pt 5
http://bit.ly/jKyDoi 1 oni vs sakura
http://bit.ly/mGlTTk 2 oni vs sakura
http://bit.ly/mGlTTk 3 oni vs sakura
http://bit.ly/m0a7mw 4 oni vs sakura
http://bit.ly/m572s2 5 oni vs sakura
http://bit.ly/kdl3cv 6 oni vs sakura
http://bit.ly/iCJgaz (2011 05-22 SSF4 AE Intrasquad battle 紅白戦 Part3 LAST Uryo(Sakura))
http://bit.ly/jeht0N (2011 05-22 SSF4 AE Intrasquad battle 紅白戦 Part3 LAST Uryo(Sakura) )
SSF4 AE Oni vs EvilRyu Chris hu Commentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64GmoxTY-qg
SSF4 AE Oni(Ed ma) Vs Evil Ryu (nealk) pt1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfK585x9UD0
SSF4 AE Evil Ryu (nealk) vs Oni (Ed ma) pt 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg4dB1CK4ik&feature=related
SSF4 AE Oni (ed ma) vs Evil Ryu (Reset) pt1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDv-9plFlxA&feature=related
SSF4 AE Oni (Ed ma) vs Evil Ryu (Reset) Pt2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN_raHW5URA
SSF4 AE Oni vs Dee jay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr0Sj40DBik
SSF4 AE Hsien Chang(Evil Ryu) VS Rockpon(Oni) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcSx6YrFuzA&feature=related
SSF4 AE - PumpkinBomber (T. Hawk) vs (Oni) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsTGuJun-cc
SSF4 AE Hsien Chang(yang) VS Rockpon(Oni) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okQsfmbkY54
SSF4 AE: wao (Oni) vs sabo-hani (Viper) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zB-IzgvAPA
SSF4-AE - Cities (Guile) vs (Oni) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4zrjyjIsIE
SSF4 : AE Ibuki (Aznpluse) vs (ONI) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iBNArG5wbM
SSF4 AE: Lushy (Oni) vs Air (Evil Ryu) http://www.youtube.com/watch?Wildcat815
( Oni ) Vs Sunset01 ( Sagat )C http://bit.ly/ktTquy
Wildcat815 ( Oni ) Vs Gipie ( El Fuerte ) http://bit.ly/mQu2Bo
Wildcat815 ( Oni ) Vs KEIKE DESORA ( Gouken ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EE7Lk66FFs
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Arcade videos

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You forgot this: [media=youtube]Z7M2KU8xGQk[/media]

Shin Oni boss fight

Does anyone have Oni’s theme?

Iam, why don’t u update all the video in the spoiler form for each character? Just like what we did for Gouken… Easy to find later

Is the thread really gonna be called “The Oni Video Thread”?

How about…

“Transcending Human Frailty - The Oni Video Thread”

(…can decide between “frailty” and “fragility”…)


isnt a word, it sounds like an americanism.

why so slow on new videos for oni (and evil ryu) ?

americanism? lol no… it’s a word.





NaaNoR’s Channel with Oni Vids

[media=youtube]1Z43JMnqINY&feature=related"]Super SFIV:AE: TEC|vX [Oni] vs VITRIOL [Makoto[/media]

TheSaikyoCrusher’s Channel with Oni Vids



[media=youtube]ZfK585x9UD0&feature=related"[/media] Ed ma easily taking out an evil ryu spammer. Interesting note, Oni’s Ex-srk beats Evil-Ryu’s EX-srk. I guess Oni’s srk has a few more invincibility frames.

[media=youtube]pN_raHW5URA"[/media] Better Oni gameplay from Edma. He checks out the range on Oni’s kara grab and a few seconds later he starts using it. lol Another interesting note, on round 2 Edma does a low short and then lands a Falling Palm. It’s a nice way to catch people grab-teching and jab/short spamming.

I was really thinking about, If I do the spoilers, I’m going to have to make a brand new thread and then include. It’s only so many characters you can fit in 1 post so we will run out of room if it’s not broken up in to a few different posts.

But no fear, I will break the old template out and consolidate what I can tonight.

Names for the thread???

I AM Power Made Flesh, The ONI Video Thread. ??? That’s for you Old School Akuma users.

cool vids. U2 is so $ick! I <3 the Oni wins screen. It looks like he’s getting ready to decapitate. XD

lol, sounds like a move from mortal kombat and i’d really like proof it is an old english word.

why repost old (really old) videos?

we want some new ones!
where all the oni at?

Yeah the vids are a bit old, but they’re there for people that haven’t seen them.

What kind of proof are you looking for? Fragility is a word. goggle it.

Online Etymology Dictionary
circa 1510

i love how you need proof that its an “OLD” english word. language is dynamic, like it or not, that’s how people communicate. but big lols at it obviously being a word as well.

thank you, i admit to being wholey wrong.

Ya I’d like to know this as well… come to think of it, when did the SF4 soundtrack first come out? (I know the Collector’s edition came with an incomplete soundtrack, but I mean the complete one). When did the SSF4 soundtrack come out?

Anyone think there is going to be an SSF4 AE soundtrack?

People will just rip them from the game when it comes out. You can hear the theme quite well in this video: [media=youtube]r3rMqfDKXmA[/media]

im uploadin some vids at the moment… though nothing of super high quality play, plus i dont really dare use Oni yet against strong opponents(players at the same or higher level than my main, abel)…

btw, is it me or sometimes when i intend to do the dp+k move, ill get the slash move instead… hate it when that happens… sometimes even when im being careful to do the dp motion…

edit: for the vids, just go to my channel (refer sig)

I get the opposite. When I go for c.lk c.lp f.lp+s.mp slash, I get dp+k instead because I’m holding forward. Stupid easy SFIV inputs.

Make sure you never press B or DB and you should be fine.

Make sure you press B or DB and you should be fine.

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