This Is Why Our Economy is Bad

Seattle Couple Living In A Million Dollar Mansion Getting Welfare.

just add this to the 50 other economy threads we have going on

umm actually no, that has nothing to do with why our economy is bad. do you really not know how tiny a drop in the bucket welfare fraud of that type is, or are you just willfully ignorant?

Yeah you’re right, 1200 dollars a month to these people is the reason our economy is bad. Not two trillion dollars spent in Iraq, not trillions spent propping up failing banks and tax giveaways and lucrative no-bid-contracts to the megarich, not more than two decades of supply side economics selling the country to the highest bidder, not the erosion of the US manufacturing sector in the face of overseas competition from borderline slaves, not a massive culture of short-term high-risk investment in the financial sector, not the corporate indentured servitude politicians are forced to enter into because running a campaign costs millions and millions of dollars which have to be raised from the very people that they’re supposed to be watching.

Naw, it’s these guys scamming a grand a month. Thanks for the piercing analysis.