This is Poison ポイズン Season 4

During the kidnapping of Mayor Mike Haggar’s daughter Jessica, Poison was a member of the Mad Gear Gang. Not much is known about her participation in the events, however, beyond the fact that she fought the heroes.

After the collapse of Mad Gear, she becomes a wrestling manager. However, her charges are lackluster and the attendance at events is poor. When she realizes that her wrestlers are failing to interest the crowd and overhears people talking about how they would rather watch “the main event” presumably referring to the S.I.N. tournament which has flyers around the place, she enters the ring herself and pummels two of her employees. She decides to go to the tournament to scout some new talent.

After the tournament, she meets up with her former comrade Hugo. She offers to manage him, and although he is reluctant at first, he eventually accepts.

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