This is how 3D gaming should be


Its like a mini imax…

that is fuckin sick

Imagine the motion sickness some people would get

that’s fucking innovative shit damn wish i didn’t sell my wii


Could this guy have cracked Nintendo’s master plan? That’s pretty damn impressive, really gives insight in to what might be possible in future generations to come.

I hope he copyrighted that shit!

DUDE…SOMEONE EMAIL THIS SHIT TO NINTENDO…That’s one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. Wii has so many possibilities X.X

Sony probably saw this vid already and kidnapped the dude.

Damn. That was really impressive!

Wow pretty incrediable. I hope nintendo or sony at least take note and develop some software. Then I’ll have to go fork out some dosh for a big screen tv

Wow, I never knew kermit the frog was a genius

reminds me of police 911 or mocap boxing, too bad they tracked your whole body and not just your head, they coulda been sooo much cooler apparently!

If you check out his other videos, you can see that he has invented a few other very interesting things, especially those foldable interactive displays. This guy is great.