This is a thread about being bald, remember having hair, that ish was the best

Hay gang, I am a bald man, shit sucks.

some bald musings

Don’t it suck that the Costanza look won’t get you laid by today’s woman, that leaves us no recourse but to shave our heads, which we had to steal from the black man like we did rock and roll

I used to have long rockstar hair, shit was awesome

I hated getting haircuts I guess I don’t have to worry bout dat

sweet stuff

sometimes a lady wants to rub your baldass head at the bar cuz they creepos
washing your entire body with soap is pretty awesome

lets be bald together friends.

Fucking lost it.

I have quite a bit of hair atm. Suck it.

not balding, but the number of grey hair on my head has gone up exponentially this year.

Bald and rich
or bald and fit?

Bald and fit

I am also balding… really sad.

There are some advantages to being bald though:

No more greasy hair just head.
Washing entire body with soap and no shampoo.
Haircuts are fucking easy. I shave my head with a 0.
You don’t get hot as fast/you do get colder faster
Girls love to touch my head.

there’s always Propecia and all its side effects

Thats too bad for ya’ll. Man I have a gorgeous head of hair. That shit is all flowing in the wind and shiny yet dark and it smells good. No matter, at least ya’ll can chill with Larry David.

:b: Type I master race laughing at you poor Ninja Turtle looking bastards

at least getting a good k/d is something I can control

Personally I don’t really care. I’ve shaved my head for over 10 years so I don’t even remember what I look like with a full head of hair. For grooming reasons it is the best alternative.

How often must you shave your head? Seems like it is time consuming to keep it looking clean.

See man, Ive been shaving my head (not with a razor) for about 18 or 19 years so I figured it was about time I let my hair grow. I love it.

I’m 22 and like a 2.5 on that scale. I hope to get to 30 before I have to buzz it.

If i dont want to look a total scuzzo i should probably shave my head about every 3 days, i just do it in the shower no cream or gel or nothin just razor it up after rinsing off

So far I have dat Luther Vandross hairline, hopefully in the future, it will not fall back any further than that…