This has been a recurring problem of mine

First off, I have a Cisco modem, Vonage phone router and Linksys wireless router (default) and Google has not been my friend on this matter.

My problem is whenever the power goes out, it takes me mostly FOREVER for me to go online again. Everything will be working fine, as far as the modem and routers go, but I can’t go online.

I will reset everything from the modem to the routers and sometimes it will work and I can go online again but most of the time, it’s a frustrating BS fest.

No method works consistently and this had happened to me yesterday and only 5 minutes ago was I able to “trick” my modem and routers into letting me online.

This has happened to me so many times, it’s not even funny. Why the hell does this happen? I’ve power cycled my PC, disconnected all wires for 30 min. max, power cycled my modem and routers and these methods might only work when they want to.

Any suggestions because I know I’m going to have to put up with this BS again sometime.

Contact Cisco or Vonage directly. Best advice I could give, beware you might get a a run around.

Hopefully another forum member might know Cisco tech or is Cisco certified, or someone who works for vonage.

Occasionally tech that should be compatible with each other do not work. Example the Original Xbox was not compatible with many Lynksys routers.
When Linksys was contacted, they claim its Microsoft’s issue and to contact them, Microsoft claims the issue was with Linksys.
On paper everything should work, but slight variations in the Ethernet protocol on both Linksys and Microsoft’s tech keep everything from working correctly.

The modem might be resetting all its values when the power goes out. So when you turn the modem off and on it’s resetting the SYnc rate and SNR margin, if you have a bad SNR/SYnc rate ratio you can get errors on your line which can stop the internet working. The way the ISP or Modem deals with this is by slowly upping the SNR margin and lowering the sync rate, this stabilizes the internet connection but it takes a while to for it all to happen.

Example: your router is normally at SNR value of 7.0, Sync rate 10mb…

Power goes out and your modem resets and you end up with

SNR 3.0 (lower = higher speed) and sync rate of 12mb. This is a faster connection but less stable, this could be why your connection is not working at first.

ISP/Modem notices the errors, and fixes it by raising the SNR in increments of about 1.0 until your line is stable again, this can take a while to work. After a while you end up with SNR 7.0, sync 10mb again. The higher sync and slower speed removes the errors and stabilizes your line and your internet starts working.

Thank you for the input, guys.