This guy is so right. Issues in FGC


Seriously Capcom and these “pro” players need to change and fast. They are holding the fgc back for their own selfish reasons.

Edit: skip to 8:30 for the fun stuff

Video forum bro.

What do you mean?

Threads about a video go on the forum for videos. That’s what I mean.

Sorry I didn’t see the thread. That said the video forum contains combo videos etc. I think the issues presented here impact the FGC community in a big way and it is important to present them to as many people as I can and I hope it can lead to a productive discussion.

This is GD homie. We don’t care about that stuff.

In that case it would go in FGD, the option right above GD int he forum menu.

Don’t you play fighting games? Don’t you care about the quality of fighting games? And don’t you care about this community?
Also where am I supposed to post it? I can’t post it in fighting game discussion because it isn’t directly and only related to fighting games and if I post it in the video forum it will not be seen by nearly as many people as it can be seen here. Anyways if a mod deems it necessary please move this to FGD.

Why can’t you post it in FGD, it’s about fighting games.

To ebonics; didn’t watch.

GD is full of old ass dudes who haven’t played a fighter since CvS2

Someone’s going to make a snarky response to this quote about Street Fighter IV

GD is it’s own little community, they’ll be getting drunk and pot monstering at Evo regardless of what happens to the FGC

sf4 and umvc3 aren’t high quality games.

No one is going to sit through 44 minutes of this shit. :coffee:

You have a better shot at giving us a summary and pray that it hasn’t already been mentioned in the last 11 years (chances are it already has been brought up).

I never said they were, but I don’t want this topic to turn into a flame war about which fighter has better gameplay. The topic of the issue isn’t about these games its about the recent dlc fiasco with capcom, the cross assault sexism and Mike Ross vs Jago matches and what we as part of this community can do to make it better. Also its worth watching the video if you have time.

Not the right section.