This explains everything

" fLoE: ‘I am very proud of how the game turned out.’ "

stop crying about 3s already. Will there ever be a game that people don’t complain about?

spoiler… No

People need to stop crying and either not buy/play the game or play it and get better. I don’t see how more stages or all the other dumb shit that people want would make the game better.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate 3S, but people refuse to put forward effort now that a game without easy mode is released. Sorry this isn’t “playskool: my first street fighter”

for a team that has no experience with fighting games, they did a really good job on this one. Why are you complaining?

I’d be proud of it as well. It’s introduced a lot of newer FG fans to 3s, it’s fun as hell, and I’m pretty sure it’s sold decently.

What’s not to be proud of? (This is rhetorical not meant to be answered).

I don’t know why you guys are talking about. I don’t see a single complaint in his post.

I personally would have preferred more people who are actual fans of 3S to have worked alongside with Floe. The article makes it out too much like Floe is some top 3S player that understands everything from the characters to the general attacking/defensive strategies of the game on a really knowledgeable level like the religious top level 3S players of US and Japan. The article even puts a photo of his face alongside a bunch of logos of the game so as to even try to make you think that 3S is probably one of his favorite games. It’s obvious that he was the big inside guy behind the development but I’m pretty sure that 3S is far from his favorite game or something that he’s played a lot compared to other SF games or games in general.

Even if he did it would have been better to have someone else who plays 3S more religiously and was at a similar or higher level of play to him at the game or fighting games in general to WORK WITH HIM. Floe wasn’t a bad choice since he lived close to the development team (which I’m sure saved them money any way) and I know there’s literally not one fighting game he can’t play on a competitive level. At the same time he just looks kinda bad to 3S fans without any other more hardcore 3S players working alongside him in the development. Derek Neal says he likes 3S but he’s pretty much a no name to the hardcore 06-09 3S community.

I really doubt in general that the testing done with the other US/Japanese players was as extensive since they were just kinda flown over real quick for a 16 man tourney. Floe seems to be the only one other than Derek Neal (who is also just about completely unknown for his 3S to the point where he makes Floe look like Amir or Victoly) that really worked on the game that understands fighting games. Either way I’d rather have someone else work alongside a guy who probably doesn’t really care much for 3S competitively. Especially when you have people like James Chen supposedly doing the commentary for the 16 man tourney it just seems like a chop shop of old men that don’t really care much for 3S just putting their input in for the sake of getting the game released. I definitely respect those guys including S-Kill who openly admits he’s not the biggest fan of the game but it just doesn’t look right when those guys mostly encompassed the development of the game that hardcore 3S fans like myself are much more passionate about. I guess just with the circumstances and the budget revolving around the game they did what they could. I would just like to know if the guys that came over played the game for any longer than just a small tourney on laggy TV’s.

Overall though THE MAIN issue regarding the game is things that even someone who doesn’t play 3S super seriously can fix or should have seen and fixed before the release. A lot of the issues we’re having is just stuff with like basic game mode options and the online play. There definitely should have been an option for the original HUD or at least return the HD hud super meters back to the original size. I’m pretty sure HD remix had super bars that were more to scale than the 3S ones. Even with the game not having the biggest fans of the game test it for something that’s a “love letter to the fans” the BIG issue with the game is there’s glaring issues that need to be fixed that a developer of video games period should be able to understand.

That’s where I’m hoping my suggestion thread goes through with most of the issues because a lot of them are just stuff outside of the arcade perfectness any way.

This. Ari’s definitely a good player, but has he ever been deep into 3S? It’s like hiring on Justin Wong for a re-release of Virtua Fighter. Or Mike Ross for a re-release of Guilty Gear. They’re all good players who can most likely handle any game well, but they’re out of their element when you do shit like that.

I seriously don’t know what they were thinking on getting Floe. He’s a great player, in other games. I’ve never seen him play 3s even. There’s no way he’d notice a difference with the meter sizes and some of the other stuff the older 3s player here on SRK have noticed. I mean, get fucking Gootecks. Leaps and Bounds over Floe :T

That’d be like getting James Chen to commentate a 3s torn---- nevermind.

^ You’re telling me that smaller super bars wasn’t intentional?

Woowwww… I thought that was part of the new HUD but it was just an issue that no one noticed… the bars are obviously smaller… the third strike is what counts…

You can get fucked up the ass by capcom and enjoy it if it you want .

Some of us want value for money , and if complaining and howling is the only way to get it then that’s what will happen .

i was being more tongue in cheek than some of you interpreted. my bad.

floe didn’t do anything wrong and im sure he had the best intentions.
what did happen though is a potentially useful part of the game for newer players isn’t really all that useful to them at all. im a bit disappointed by that and I feel like somewhere someone missed something. a lot of things in the game feel half way there and it’s disappointing. hearing one of the people brought in to make sure shit is going right just talk about how he enjoyed working on trial mode and not discuss other parts of the game is disheartening. especially when that trial mode could have been so much more. then we see that dc/ae menu glitch and everything just falls into place.

iron galaxy should have been paid more and had a longer time or both. i can’t really blame them since they’re on a budget, capcom sets the budget though so they’re responsible. and again, it all has a terrible feeling too it because of all the bullshit surrounding it. “love letter” and “arcade perfect” . it’s like capcom thought “let’s do it” not “let’s do it right” .

I applaud things like the youtube upload, using ggpo, button check thing. all wonderful. its just a shame time taken to do that stuff wasn’t spent on actually making the game arcade perfect.

its very possible we all just expect way too much out of capcom. but that’s usually what happens when you really really enjoy something. you expect way too much and are often left wanting more than you should.

Edit: sorry for the long post but the point of linking the article is that there is an example of where capcom wanted money and time spent. not on doing what they said they’d do, but on bonus material. how many articles have been about the art, music and now trials? how many have been about making sure the game was identical to the cps3 version.

Not really , people just expect things to be up to standard .

That 3s!:smiley:

yyeah cuz people jump at the chance to help whiny people :confused: i’m pretty sure there are other, more constructive ways, like what deviljin has been doing with garnering productive feedback and stuff.

this. sure, he had good intentions on the trials, but it just makes me wonder like, did he ever wonder whether he was missing anything? as much as i love 3s, there’s no way i’d ever claim to know everything about how the game should work… i’d be hitting up players left and right, even if i did think i knew everything. likewise i think it would have been wise for him to get input from other players, which probably would’ve helped to better frame his priorities, possibly making him shift his focus from trials to something “more important”.

so floe ruined 3so?

im not really sure why everyone thinks im not a 3s player when before sf4 3s was probably my main game? i played everything that was competitive at that time but i placed well at every 3s event i ever went to…including some evo 9th’s…as for trials modes there are 2 ways that people can expect a trial mode to go…either a way to teach people this 10 year old game…or to actually be challenging and reward you for completing difficult things like achievements…but when you have a 10 year old game + only 5 trials to work with i think going the latter route is the better and more fun way of doing it…it IS called challenge mode for a reason…teaching someone how to do c.short x3 super with ken is nice but is it really something you would waste one of your 5 trials on? when they can just see it in a video and go to the actual training mode to learn something like that rather then doing it once and seeing “complete” and totally disregarding it…you want finishing the trials to be some sense of accomplishment and i think thats what they are…also remember that a lot of my trials were changed because when i left the company to move to LA a lot more was done to the game since I left…so please stop trying to make it seem like im not a 3s player or wasnt the right person for the job because i missed details that i wasnt even around for when they happened

Hey i’m extremely glad you posted and explained some things.
I get what you mean about trials since you’re saying you were only allowed 5 and in 5 what can you really teach.
so did you have a hard limit of 5 trials by the time you were even involved? like they told you it’d be 5 and that’s it.

did you ever mention things like the super meters to anyone or was that simply none of your business and not your place?
are there things you’re disappointed in about OE?

if you can’t really talk about things like that due to any kind of agreement I understand.
Again thanks a lot for bothering to say a few things.

What happen to your neck?

Ey. You know what? I appreciate that post. And I apologize for stepping out on you like that. It’s definitely refreshing to see someone who worked on the game come out and speak on why they chose to do what they chose to do. So on some real shit, I can respect that.

Also, yeah, I didn’t know you were a 3S main back before SF4. Good information there.

"I showed them what the game could look like [when played at the highest level].” :rofl:

sorry that just really made laugh out loud. anyway, so what did you do? just trials? ****

i dont really care about the trials personally, but i just dont understand the point of putting in like 95% unpractical combos. if you wanted to put it difficult trials**, **there were so many better ones to put in.

“The trial I’m referring to is with Akuma and consists of comboing a Shakunetsu Hadoken (red fireball) into a regular fireball. Normally if you try to do that, it won’t connect – the other character will just fall down. In order to successfully execute the combo, you have to be full screen, then do a jab Shakunetsu Hadoken and cancel into Raging Demon to move across the screen. Then, finally, throw the regular fireball. That’s the trial that sticks out most in my mind”

ideas like this, are you kidding me? this is fucking stupid.

I ended up staying for 4 to 5 months to help implement features of the game, provide input as a member of the community, and ensure arcade-perfect accuracy of the port

what did you do for 4-5 months?
i dont really understand how you provided input as a member of the community, but youre not even part of the 3rd strike community lol.
as far as arcade perfect goes…well a lot of arcade perfect details arent present in 3soe.**

ill say it straight up. youre not a 3s player and you werent the right person for the job. good job on you “evo 9ths” tho.