Third Strike Tiers reall that bad?

I hear alot of critisim about the tiers in Third Strike, but is it really that bad?
People always mention that the top tier is too domineering and the game is ruled by the Big three: Ken, Chun-li, Yun. . . But, always forget to mention Makoto, Ryu(In japan), and Urien. So, what do you guys think, is it just B.S. or are the tiers that bad.

You should ask in the 3s section. I’d close it, but that’s where you should ask.

No, in mid-high or lower play the tiers aren’t that bad at all. Upper-upper level though? Yes, it’s the Yun show.


Man, no one directs questions about games that have their own dedicated sections to those sections. sigh

No one forgets to mention Urien or Makoto, people forget to mention Yang.

So, that’s Like what seven Top Tiers and people are complaining about three people ruling the game?

Fixed. Unless you’re talking about Japanese 3s action then there are a few more Yuns.

You blind?

Go to the third strike section, leave this alone and apologize before SK eats your ass alive.

or we could use this thread to compare 3S’s tiers with that of different games.

Overall it’s pretty commonly accepted that the toppest of players are Yuns, ne? No diss to amazing players like Tokido and Nuki and Daigo and all, but KO/Boss/Pyro are pretty much top of the pops, right? Directly around there are a lot of great players with several characters, but if you’re looking for absolute cream I’d say Yun is it.

No mid-level Yuns, haha. Only top.


About 30% of the people at Evo East played Yun. Not all of them were even remotely good.

I think 3S is one of the more balanced games right now. Except Chun. FUCK Chun.

The big three tend to rule the states, I’ve noticed, but in Japan, almost anyone is fair game.

except in tournament finals

I don’t know where people get the idea that Japan is all about Yun. Within the last couple of years there seems to have been just as much noise (if not more) from Japanese Chun players. So far, out of the qualified teams for this year’s SBO there are more Chuns than any other character.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. 3S’s biggest problem isn’t the actual tiers, it’s the unequal character selection that many factors (with one being tiers) have caused. Related, but not the same thing. The game isn’t busted.

Yeah, stateside needs some character variety.

Are you saying that because tiers exist people are more inclined to pick one character over the other? That seems to be the case, especially in tournaments. However, even players who enter tournaments with “top tier” characters, know those characters very well, so much so that they would be able to best other “lesser tier” characters, even when the opponent is equally skilled with said characters.

Well that, and more reasons all combined. Tiers alone didn’t make character selection in 3S as biased as it is, I think that much is clear. Character exposure (locally, through text, in videos, etc.), ease of use, character appearance and name recognition, all contribute to it.

Because of the way 3S is built, there’s a lot of emphasis on intuition and trying to play in a consistent manner to compensate for the so-called possible randomness. Therefore there are too many factors to just say “out of two players with equal skill, the player using the higher tier character will win.” Knowing the other character (goes both ways), understanding the other player’s style (same as before), who’s playing better in that particular match (same), etc. Having character advantage in 3S is a lot less stable than other games, it’s not what causes the tournament scene to be dominated by the top tiers. I mean, in a tournament with one of every character (roughly equal skill), would the top tiers win? The stupidly unequal odds in terms of character selection are gone in that case; even though people say the tiers are broken, nobody can know because of all the connected variables that go into the game.

Basically, the game isn’t that unbalanced but it will still be dominated by the top characters. But it doesn’t make sense to blame tiers because that’s only part of the problem. I’m pretty tired right now though, this post probably didn’t even make sense.