Third strike in shinjuku, akihabra?

Hey guys! I’ve come to japan on holiday (currently staying in shinjuku) I took a trip down to akihabra and couldn’t find any street fighter machines!??! I could only find 1 tekken machine in those big sega arcade towers. Maybe i just suck at searching.

Where are the best places to play third strike in tokyo, kyoto and osaka??? Thanks!!!

There are two places to play in Shinjuku. Shinjuku Sportsland and Club Sega Nishiguchi.

In Akiba there are also two. Hey and Club Sega.

Tonight is Tuesday, so everyone will be at Takadanobaba Mikado for the weekly tourney.

Wednesday is free play at Oyama Game Newton.

Thursday is the East vs Wesf at Nishi Nippori Game Spot Versus.

Some other places to check out for casuals would be Koenji Cube (my former home arcade) and Ikebukuro Safari (my current home, so I’m there pretty often).

If you’re willing to go to Saitama, there is Big 1 in Minami Uruwa.

Oh yeah and no one plays until night time. 3rd = night game.

Hey Ryan! Thanks for the advice! I’m in kyoto and osaka for the next few days. Ill be back in tokyo really close to your place on the 15th I’ll check it out then.

Thanks again man, feel free to pm me with more info in the mean time !

Not that it matters since nobody plays 3S there, but just ftr Tokyo Leisureland #1 in Akiba also has it, and I think the Club Sega that had 3S threw out all their candy cabs when they expanded their music game section.

Is Safari better than Rumble Plaza for 3S? They’re on the same street and the latter has 2 cabs.

who knows why but nobody plays there, while safari has players most nights

does leisureland really have 3s ? it was nowhere to be found last time i was there (summer 2015)
i know they had a bunch of “old” sf and 2d games in the past,like 3s,II dash turbo,etc but they were all gone

rumble plaza is nice if you have one or two buddies since you can rent the cab for one-two hours,etc etc

as a general rule,i would avoid 100円 game centers for 3s

Leisureland #1 (in the alley, by KFC and Traders 2. not the one in Don Quijote) definitely had it then. It moves around a lot, so it’s hard to say where, but I feel like at that time it was a lone candy cab against the wall near the ringedges. I remember playing some black color Ken there around then, who almost beat me with sa2 and mostly just shoryukens, and when I won he switched to Oro and just went to town. :frowning:

Most recently I saw it in a group of candy cabs to the side of one of the clusters of Nesica cabs. That was a bunch of months ago though.

this is kind of an old thread but maybe something changed? two years ago in both shinjuku and akiba i could find a 3rd strike in nearly every arcade. half the time it was on machines which could be switched between 8 or so games.

Nesica? Yeah that port is garbage.

If you truly want to play 3rd Strike in Tokyo, you’re better off going to the hotspots (Versus, Newton, Mikado, etc.)