Third Strike Chun Li super jump cancel

I recently started playing 3S again after a long time of not touching it. I was never a great player though and I never used Chun. Anyway I am trying to figure out how you super jump cancel after her SA2 and what the point of doing so is. The attacks after the super jump don’t do a lot of damage so I’m guessing its to set up other things, right?

SJC is easy. Right as the last kick of her super connects, quickly flick d/b then u/f immediately. You can SJC backwards, forwards or straight up but Chun needs to go forward to connect.

The point of doing it? It’s free damage and lets you opt for a knockdown or various reset shenanigans to mix it up.

Yeah, I think you can do fierce fierce for damage, or a lk for a little crossup trick. I may be wrong about the moves though, I never really played 3s.

During the entire super animation, or when she’s about to finish, spam the SJC. It ALWAYS works for me. LOL

Seriously, that’s how I do it and it never fails. NEVER.

Just don’t forget to stop the SJC motions when she actually jumps. Hahaha That’s happend to me quite a few times when I wasn’t paying attention. I always pull off the SJC but I forget to do the extra attacks.

Even if it doesn’t do a ton of damage, why pass up on free damage?

It’s free damage, as said.

But also, since her super often pushes you into the corner, the SJC lands her right next to you. She has a shit ton of mix-up against a cornered player. It’s not uncommon to see a xx super or UOH super happen immediately afterwards.

Is there any advantage to just staying on the ground after the super ends?

Not unless you want to show off that you don’t need it, but even then, there are better ways of showing off.

This. The really nice thing about that 50/50 is that the UOH is just the right distance to get that link to super from where she lands.

Alright, thanks for all the info everyone.

I want to re-emphasize that if you mash up/down during the entire super animation you’ll probably miss the SJC less than 1% of the time. It might look kind of scrubby but if it works I don’t see any reason to learn the timing for doing it exactly when the second last hit connects.

some characters require certain timing of the super jump to be able to get boths hits of the fierce fierce. its much better to learn the timing than mashing.

Shit, I was told that that’s how you were supposed to do it. I’m ass at the game though so by all means ignore me and listen to that guy.

whatever works dude, whatever works…that’s the most important imo