Thinking to get this one but

After watching CrossCounter yesterday stream n watched couple videos I really wanna try to play this game. However, I become discourage after I buy this game Atlus will release the complete edition + DLC afterward, similar like Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition or SSF4AE. Is it worth waiting for upcoming balance patch n DLC, I dont mind waiting, or it’s better to pick up now? (I wanna get to competition level for this game for some reason)



I’m not sure how many games ATLUS have released that are DLC and more complete edition. You are probably thinking of Arcsys Works and the BlazBlue series. Persona is not a property of Arcsys Works so I don’t believe they will pump fifty versions of this game out. I think at best we’ll just see some DLC updates in the future if this game does very well.

Since this is a fresh game, I think it’s good to get this early on to learn it along with everybody else.

It’s no fun waiting a year or two for a “complete” version or an update that you’re not sure will even come out.

or I could wait till the price drop to my favor :smiley:

I’ve put in a lot of hours into the game. It’s worth every dollar.

Compared to other sixty dollar games, I don’t think gamers outside of multiplayer games get the most value out of their purchases.

Arc System Works doesn’t really do that. And if they do, it’s to continue the story mode, not just add DLC shit for the fucks of it. Chances are they wont be making a sequel to this game unless sales warrant it anyway.

Only game I can think that did that was the latest Blazblue and probably Guilty Gear X Plus. Both were really good, but a lot cheaper than the original anyways. You should be fine to pick this up.

Are you serious?

Arcsys definitely releases updates fairly often, and considering how well this game has done in Japan I won’t be surprised at all if there is an update, but, I think you’re better off picking up this version now and then deciding when/if the time comes to pick up an update. It’s not like this game is barebones and not worth the asking price, you’ll be getting your money’s worth, and possibly more importantly, you’ll be jumping into the community at the same time as everyon*e *else. (Would you really prefer to jump in when everyone has had a year or more of practice ahead of you?)

If an update does happen you’ll have an informed opinion on whether you like the game enough to pick up an update and whether the new content is worth the asking price. If not, you wait for price drop or don’t pick it up at all.

Thanks for the info guys and I just back from GameStop and so far I’m digging the soundtrack
Gonna try the game after I get back home.
I checked the game review from and I feel proud for some reason :smiley:

I thought this game was being digitally released, is it not?

apparently not, maybe in the future, but now you can get it in retail store :smiley:

ah alright, Ill just order it online…I swear I thought it was going to be released on the console’s respective markets.

must be thinking of another game.

it must be another Persona games they have it on PSN store already

they are an arcade developer 1st and a console developer later this is why they need to make periodical revisions to their fighting games; fighting games in general usually have a good amount of revisions, and in my opinion, that is not a bad thing at all.
they also give for free one of those revisions as a dlc patch, and the only reason why they made extend a disc release is because you people cant decide what you want
if they make dlc chars no one buys them because they would wait for the disc release, if they release a new disc, everyone complaints why in the hell they did not release the update as a dlc patch

perhaps the only real problem that you should complaint is that they don’t time well the release of their revisions, since they dont take in account the usa’s tournament scene fairly well

Yeah? Most of the DLC they add are those colorings which don’t even affect the game lol.

That’s exactly what I had in mind. I’d say adding colors (and charging fucking $5 for them, IIRC) would be adding DLC just to add it, I’m not sure what would be more useless than colors; maybe more menu backgrounds or something.

Also, I don’t mind revisions at all as long as I notice some actual changes, depends on the price too. Charging $40 for one new character (Relius…who I, personally, didn’t find engaging, interesting or cool in any way, shape or form) and a little bit of tweaks to some characters doesn’t really warrant a revision IMO.

I agree somewhat that is was sort of unncesarry. But as I did not buy the original version of BB CS2, I was able to cope well. :smiley:

I’m just salty they charged so much for them. $5? -_-
But it’s alright, I quickly discovered you could get them via in game currency.

I really enjoy this game so far, it sucks because I start classes again next monday. Challenge Mode and Score Attack are extremely challenging (At least challenges #25 - #30) so learning this game will take time.

Tempted to buy the color pack but still debating.

but you fail to see what bbcsex was in reality
it was a bundle pack of all the dlc of bbcs and bbcs2 + stuff that those 2 didnt have like story and arcade mode for the dlc chars + 1 new character
bbcsex was released as a new retail game due the poor sales of the dlc chars
quoting myself from above

i can bet you that for the majority of the people who bought bbcsex they more than probable, didnt buy all the 3 dlc chars, i would even dare to say 1 at least
so for them it was 4 chars plus the balance changes