Thinking of Modding my stick Questions?

Well I have a HRAP2:SA with a ps3 adaptor thinking of modding it I have never modded a stick before a few questions…

first off I know all the buttons have quick disconnects so does that mean i can change all the buttons without soldering?

also i was thing about changing the stick will this require soldering or what?

also want to put a custom art on it im pretty sure this is just a few screws? please correct me if i’m wrong…

Any advice i Don’t want to mess up my stick how hards this gonna be?

links to any guides would be great. also links to good parts store would be awesome…

someone please explain what i can mod without soldering and how hard is it to solder just for arcade sticks?(something i could learn?)

thanks for the advice

there’s a guy who modded an hrap2 i believe. he stuck a seimitsu in it. search for it, he made a little guide.